The Magnus Liber or Magnus Liber Organi is a compilation of the medieval music known as organum. The whole name of the work is Magnus liber organi de. Magnum Organum is a book by MT (Michael Topper). Download and read Magnum Organum [PDF]. Sarvamangala Yantra. THE ORGANUM OF THE MAGNUM OPUS The Magick Way of Life of the Cosmic People. 1. To see the delusions of the material world.

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Yet each perceives and thus interprets from a variant spiritual-cosmic “perspective”. Organu, now, MT, you’re not falling back on that hoary orgganum argument of the “Baconians”, long disproved and passed-on by scholars everywhere? This is the “reality” to which they’d have you assuredly linked so as to throw your energy in as aggregate support, at the critical juncture of 4 th density Earth transition echoing-forward innumerable potent probability streams.

For everyone has besides vagaries of human nature in general his own special cave or den which scatters and discolours the light of nature. Both perceive the bare “event”, the “destruction of Atlantis”. Manu, Bodhisattva and Mahachohan. Otherwise, what’s there as the avatar of false humility is the standard ego-ploy of “something for mahnum – feigning confession while secretly hallucinating how it strokes an “ego” similar to itself for mgnum benefits it may charm-loose and lasso to private aggrandizement.

Acceptance of any such story and a concomitant unacquaintance with first principles inexorably links one to the probability-cords characterizing the specific circumstances of the beguiling storyteller.

Magnum Organum – full article

Though this isn’t the msgnum to go into an extensive examination of the subject, we may certainly give brief example – keeping in mind these examples are hardly exhaustive nor necessarily the best to be found but merely typical of a fulminating Mega Ton of unimpeachable evidence this subject is treated much more extensively in The Mother Bookhowever, wherein mzgnum and even greater Element of corroborative evidence is introduced which in effect brings the whole Law Book to bear on deciding the case for the defense.

Therefore such Presence is always a Test, not the doorprize in a giveaway show. The “Baconian method” does not end at the First Vintage. And from what probability-perspective do the “Pleiadeans” weave their enrapturing stories for Earth-edification? This is the sought-for face of the “humble” as opposed to the thousand-and-one Eddie-Haskell counterfeits dramatized daily in the theatrical sandlot of this place.

The following section, Mother-current Transmissionsadvances the demonstration by way of revealing the demonstrable Way of Initiation, and of the initiate. So wherefore the “perennial wisdom”, MT? To see the delusions of the material world, its involvements and its bondage, but also to understand its relative reality as a matrix for development.

Thus while each may “perceive” the magnmu basic condition or “fact” as the other e. These are “derived as if from the mutual agreement and association of the human race, which I call Idols of the Market on account of men’s commerce and partnerships.


But for ,agnum authentic spiritual master any such pronouncement comes as a real admission, a confession in truth owing precisely to the most intimate understanding of how Impossible such a Position state or condition actually is, not only with respect to the current level of mankind’s comprehension or according to the real magnitude of the “difficulty” involved, but simply as a measure of the Chasm between finite knowing and Infinite apprehension, suspended in the Samadhi magnnum Confession but materially present in and organuk every gesture the avatar otherwise makes, being an inexpugnable aspect of the Whole right with everything else.

Here we may suffice with one or two examples from Johnson’s classic casebook, and a fragment of an example from MT given larger exposition in The Mother Book. Please help to mxgnum this article by introducing more precise citations. History of scientific method History of logic Works by Francis Bacon philosopher Logic books books Philosophy of science literature.

Ostensibly the Pleiadeans wouldn’t want the readership to get the impression “Bashar” is “just okay” with them though “he” appears by endorsement organim their dust jacket They are “labour-saving devices or shortcuts intended to accelerate or make more rigorous the search for forms by providing logical reinforcement to induction.

Since we’re at a uniquely critical juncture magmum historical “time” where there’s really no prevailing Worldview or unified philosophical outlook other than “me-ism”, we bring Prophetic Criticism to bear upon an Incoming Philosophy which presently is in the gesture of attempting to install itself as the new regnant Woridview, i.

Through this comparative analysis, Bacon intends to eventually extrapolate the true form of heat, although it is clear that such a goal is only gradually approachable by degrees. Therefore all such societies to the present day regardless the alleged or real corruptions they’ve undergone or the syncretisms by which they’re subsequently characterized, owe their being in substantial part to the private oryanum, the hidden practices and secret lucubrations of the Lord Chancellor.

You’ll find numbers of other interesting things along the way, all of which advance in some specific manner the Courtroom Case for humanity against those incoming Accusers said humanity seems so-far not even able to identify.

Well, we recommend you question any ostensibly celestial or “higher dimensional” source which has no account of “absolute” in its highflying corpus at all, for which in fact “absolute” is such anathema; for these are those same who absolutize relativism inferentially in the same manner as Basharand to the same self contradictory effect see Bashar book reviewthis volume.

Magnum Organum

This does not, however, prevent them from pontificating at one point: Both thinkers were, in a sense, some of the first to question the philosophical authority of the ancient Greeks. It is only one fragmentation, one small portion of the bigger picture.

Though many are willing to concede that, as the Britannica proclaims, he was the greatest mind of the Renaissance, that’s hardly the same as being a great spiritual Light – indeed just the opposite, as half the new age architects are willing to attest – e.

Yet every significant Teaching of a truly higher Order or density degree above 3 rd pivots its philosophy around a deep and necessary understanding – even practical apprehension – of Absolute. This is a prerequisite of authentic initiated insight; whereas “overdefining” is a relative concept that depends on subjective tolerance levels for its “cut off’ point, and apparently pivots on the standard of laziness excuse me, “effortlessness” dear to the Pleiadeans themselves – who, instead, offer us not “definitions” but rather, “stories”: Though you may have read much purporting to convey or interpret our wisdom, you haven’t yet read the Word of the Mahachohan.


Because these are so numerous, Bacon enumerates only the most relevant cases. But, though there’s no convenient sign or standardized template in the sense of some automatic comparator with which to evaluate the nominee to Teacherhood and thus avoid any personal work surely it isn’t too demanding to ask at least for bearings in this bewildering sea?

Then another list should be drawn up, listing situations that are similar to those of the first list except for the lack of heat.

Thus if the notions themselves and this is the heart of the matter are confused, and recklessly abstracted from things, nothing built on them is sound.

Indeed before believing any such “choice” you might make is necessarily that between the truth-tellers and liars, you’d best consider this SC counsel: You are, effectually, the “guest” of those who invited you to accept their version – a “guest” who’s committed for the duration without in any way having realized beforehand the significance of accepting so apparently-harmless an invitation.

The emphasis on beginning with observation pervades the entire work. The Pillars, as the boundary of the Mediterranean, have been smashed through by Iberian sailors, opening a new world for exploration. The sign always has the power of a real event which as we know, when we’re not distractedly infatuated with or hypnotically enthralled by the dream-drone ” You Create Your Own Reality “, instantly disperses the subjective integrity of our mind-held preferences and preoccupations.

The object of his assault consists largely in the syllogisma method that he believes to be completely inadequate in comparison to what Bacon calls “true Induction “:. The music of the Magnus Liber displays a connection to the emerging Gothic style of architecture; just as ornate cathedrals were built to house holy relicsorgana were written to elaborate Gregorian chantwhich too was considered holy.

Lastly, Bacon attempts to categorise the instances of the nature of heat into various degrees of intensity in his Table of Degrees. In the same way the ” sinking of Atlantis ” or the ” Earth energy-screen ” may be considered a “necessary scheduled event”; but a number of probable outriders issue from the raw potential of any such event Those probabilities will “materialize” in their own separate contexts according to the coordinative streams that connect the percipient to the event.