Hello, folks! I’ve been on all sorts of sides of the screen for Lost Mines of Phandelver; and I can’t understand how such a lousy module. Hey, it’s my first time DM’ing and if anyone’s played the lost mine of phandelver, I’ d love some feedback or helpful notes. Thanks:). Lost Mine of Phandelver is an adventure for four to five characters of 1st level. During the course of the adventure, the characters will advance.

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Awarding Experience Points Divide 50 XP equally among the characters if the party destroys these twig blights.

Lost Mine of Phandelver

Six goblins inhabit this den, and one of them is a leader with 12 hit points. Wooden benches are drawn up against walls decorated with draperies of brown and red, and several ale kegs are propped up and tapped. Ripper, and two goblins. The adventure is short, so do read it from start to finish before you play the first game. If the bridge is reduced to 0 hit points, it collapses. Awarding Experience Points Divide XP mimes among the characters if the party defeats or loxt away the cultists.

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A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on it early with a successful save. Minees one corner stands a broken loom. Ruined Store This former general store is not a complete ruin yet, with portions of its tile roof still intact. The Black Spider sent three bugbears to help Iarno keep the population of Phandalin under control, but the Redbrands have managed without them.

Hand these sheets to the players, and allow them to advance phajdelver characters to 2nd level before continuing the adventure.

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He is happy to trade news with fellow adventurers, especially those who appear to hold to these virtues. Awarding Experience Points Divide 1 50 XP equally among the characters if the party defeats the skeletons. The weapon racks hold twelve spears, six shortswords, four longswords, six light crossbows, and eight quivers holding twenty crossbow bolts each. It only takes XP for an encounter to be considered Deadly to 5 level 1 characters. Some locales the characters should visit include the following: A wooden sign is nailed to a post nearby.


Give us your stuff, and be on your way. Whoever wants to be! When the party camps, ask which characters are on watch. At some point during part 2, the characters are likely to advance to 3rd level, so make sure the players are keeping track of their XP. Treasure Yeemik carries a pouch containing three gold teeth 1 gp each and 15 sp.

A crevasse divides the cavern and is flanked by two rough stone columns that support the twenty-foot-high ceiling. Beyond that, go with the flow. Whoever carries the axe feels uneasy whenever he or she travels through a forest. There are lots of resources for running LMoP. They all wear grimy scarlet cloaks, their sullen stares fixed on you as you approach. These scouts are part of the band currently based at Wy vern Tor.

Steep Passage From this point on, characters without darkvision will need light to see their surroundings. Several of these leads point to Cragmaw Castle, which is the stronghold of King Grol, leader of the Cragmaw goblins.

The chest contains sp, gp, five malachite gems 15 gp eachtwo potions of healing, and a scroll of augury. When the characters open the door, read the following: A creature that fails to get out of the way can attempt a DC 15 Strength saving throw to hold on. The messenger loet him that someone named the Black Spider was paying the Cragmaws to watch out for the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, capture him, and send him and anything he was carrying back to King Grol.

The mijes of the building still contains furnishings, and the main room has a ladder leading through a trapdoor to the losst. The goblins are a threat to the delicate balance. That night, the gang returned and abducted the family from their home in Phandalin. The doors can also be wrenched open by brute force with a successful DC 22 Strength check. All the foodstuffs have long since been devoured by vermin. The cottage contains dusty furniture draped in webbing, but nothing of value.


Many people look up as you approach, but all phanndelver to their business as you go by.

A trail hidden behind thickets on the north side of the road leads northwest. It’s specially hard if one player goes alone to check the horses. Among the books is a tome written in Dwarvish. A creature attempting to skirt around the pit using one of these ledges must succeed on a DC 10 Dexterity Acrobatics check. Your goal is to present several scenes in which the adventurers walk into a store or saloon and meet the people there.

The Redbrands have since expanded the cellars to suit their own purposes, adding slave pens, workshops, and barracks. In the wake of the natural disaster, a plague of strange zombies swept over the area, killing or driving off those who survived the eruption.

These are beginners trying to learn the game. A successful check also reveals narrow ledges on the north and south sides of the pit. She is also an agent of the Zhentarim, phandelvrr powerful organization that seeks to exert secret control over the North through wealth and influence. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.