La Ronde de Nuit (French Edition) [Patrick Modiano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le Ronde de Nuit (Collection Folio) (French Edition) [Patrick Modiano] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Modiano, Patrick. AUTHOR, IDENTITY AND THE VOICE OF. HISTORY IN PATRICK MODIANO’S LA RONDE DE. NUIT AND LES BOULEVARDS DE CEINTURE. Joseph Golsan.

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The narrator is ordered by his boss, the “Khedive,” to infiltrate a group of men who are forming a resistance lq the Germans. However, unlike most men in this situation in and around world war 2, the narrator isn’t particularly loyal to either side.

It is dense with a lot of characters, but for me a fast read.

MODIANO : La ronde de nuit – Signed book, First edition –

Apparently one his major themes, Wikipedia calls it an “obsession,” is the Mpdiano occupation of France during World War Two and how French citizens came to terms with it.

The story unfolds as a tapestry of xe that may have or may not have occurred. On September 12,Modiano married Dominique Zerhfuss. Quotes from La Ronde de nuit. Quite a surreal novel that is set in a time that might or might be during the Second World War and that is about a young man who might or might be both a collaborator and xe member of the resistance – intriguing from first to last.

Mar 28, P. He takes shattered colors of the world he creates and ronee them into an abstract vision that does not make sense until the end of the novel.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is also a very challenging one. I thought it was very creative and it made me think, even though it was very opaque at times.


La Ronde de nuit by Patrick Modiano (4 star ratings)

I understand that this is critically acclaimed. Phu Hoang rated it it was ok Jan 26, Book ReviewsFeatured. Rafael Gasparotto rated it it was ok Oct 09, Lists with This Book. Sheila rated it it was ok Mar 20, Published October 1st by Modkano Education first published Not every book by an important writer is an important book.

Nov 26, Yves Gounin rated it it was ok. That kind of game can destroy you. Modiano never reconciled himself to his father’s actions. Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father.

Starting that year, he did nothing but write. Geen onuitwisbare indruk gemaakt. The narrator of this, the second of the Occupation Trilogy, reminds me of Geryon in Dante’s Inferno; he masks his evil with a benign, smiling face.


They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match! Return to Book Page. Cinnamon Spark rated it it was ok Nov 02, Open Preview See a Problem? I couldn’t connect to this book at all.

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Aug 01, Jacqueline rated it it was ok.

Book a book

But Modiano created him so he must know him even if he pretends not to. Vague Visages on Instagram No Instagram images were found. That is something I’d want to look in to further prior to or during another read of the 4. He must simply make whatever decisions he thinks will keep him alive the longest. Rather, it deals with the French Gestapo and the French Resistance. The hordes moxiano military forces that storm the city go unmentioned a consistent theme of Modiano eonde, as our young protagonist is only confronted by the moral duality of the highly-organized French Resistance and the equally systematic French Collaborationists.


The main character of this book goes by several names. I was left stunned.

This is the first book like that I’ve had trouble following. Would it have easier to grasp in English? The writing goes on to assume you know everyone a The English release wasthe post-Nobel re-release is titled “Night Watch. First we learn of the Khedive, then we hear of the Lieutenant. The overwhelming sense of French being turned against French in complicity with German Nazi’s, all with the intent of ensuring one’s survival, produces inexplicable and irrational behavior.

What is the nature of memory, what is the truth we tell ourselves, and all that.

Mkdiano impressionistic, with sections divided by French song lyrics I didn’t understand. All the guilt, the fear, the shame the main character experiences as a result of the Occupation becomes crystallized into a sudden horrific understanding. The novel has njit dream-like, even hallucinatory quality that wonderfully points out the surreal nature of enemy occupation and ultimate loyalty.

He received his baccalaureate at Annecy but didn’t proceed with his higher education. Things like this flustered me.