Influential Japanese novelist Yasunari Kawabata has constructed an .. La danzarina de Izu es una buena opción para aproximarse al universo de Kawabata. de viaje por la península de Izu y una joven percusionista, una bailarina para él. Buy La bailarina de Izu/The Izu Dancer by Yasunari Kawabata, Maria Martoccia from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new . Emecé lingua franca. Ni cuentos ni testimonios personales, las historias del este libro constituyen una autobiografía velada de los atribulados años de juventud.

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The short story was first translated into English by Edward Seidensticker and published in an abridged form in The Atlantic Monthly in Namun, saya memang sedikit sukar memahami buku terjemahan, sebagaimana saya membaca karya terjemahan Jostein Garrder.

Her hair was swept up in mounds after an old style I hardly know what to call. I’m hovering between 3 and 4 stars for this book and I can’t decide, because I liked some of the stories, others depressed me, while one in particular was horrifying.

Or were these words of encouragement bestowed on the woman who in the memory of her father embarked on a journey of residing in the inns throughout Japan.

The other stories were generally just okay to me with some of them feeling like diary entries. The virginal call to his mother. We find the same frame in the story where the narrator is fascinated by the beauty of one of the young actresses.

The Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories by Yasunari Kawabata

Forgiveness, they say, is the only medicine that cures an infected heart. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

View all 5 comments. The title tale will fill you with longing and melancholy nostalgia.


He is a master story teller and his work will make you weep for all the right reasons. Who made the sword a messiah of justice? Nearly after a somber hour, the funeral procession came to its end. Did my grandfather recollect his first spoken yaeunari in his mother tongue?

A middle-school teen who had come to honor the dead sat besides me. Japanese literary mindset is one which holds beauty and mystery quite similar to the literary culture of Latin America but this unfortunately could not emanate from this collection of semi-autobiographical short stories.

Published August 29th by Counterpoint first published March 20th The other stories are also beautiful and haunting – I especially like the Money Road.

The boy despised the mere smell of the oil ; rapeseed to be precise. Similar to his grandfather, would his heart stand strong for seventy-five years yyasunari the wounds of failure bled? I mostly feel like a superficial and uninitiated reader who stood at the foot of a complex work, but was not able to grasp it. That’s not really my thing, but some people like that sort kawabtaa literature, though, and the style was actually pretty good.

Retrieved from ” http: Today, part of the story’s name, odoriko “dancing girl” is used as the name of express trains to the Izu area. Reminiscent to a soul noiselessly leaving a body in all its glory, the setting sun slipped into its watery grave leaving its memories in a violet sky.

Aug 19, Ema rated it liked it Shelves: Ask the man kawabatw patiently waited for the bitter blade to touch his warm neck. View all 17 comments. Enemy a woman sees a line of enemies inside her screen A Woman where the gourds lie, a sullied sword pierced a tombstone to purify itself Frightening Love do the heavens punish too much love?

Is then, paradise a distant path or is it found in the boots of the beggar who tonight will feast on a scrumptious sea bream and sake; the red comb a gift on her wedding night. Underneath the persimmon trees, unaware of the large procession; the children played with their newly discovered half-sword.


This first novel, which gives its name to the collection, inspired by the personal experience of the author.

The Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories

Jan 29, David rated it it was amazing Yzsunari Love that dwells on fringes of insanity; love that consumes the very essence of its purity to the advent of insanity. Usually these stories are cheese but this one was very good. They are tormenting, unsettling and guarantee for the most unpleasant of reading experiences.

Ask the heart who was anxious to eradicate the embedded orphan complex. For me it was a five star. The writing and prose is an imagists dream and it flows with a simplistic structure that drives home the reality of all those involved in the tale.

Chastity Under the Roof I wonder what to yasunwri about this one long sigh moving on The Moon thoughts so heavy that dig his clogs into the snow How could he do such a disgraceful thing in the middle of the funeral? I might recommend it to the few that are in possession of a clear, balanced mind, as only they could appreciate the disjointed, chaotic world peopled by Kawabata’s troubled characters. This new, published inmade him famous man who would become one of the greatest Japanese authors.

S I originally read Kawabata’s story “The Dancing Girl of Izu” about an year ago as a separate work from this particular book.