Recently, I have discovered books from Kvetoslav Minarik, a Czech yogi and mystic who sees yoga as the direct path to enlightenment. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kvetoslav Minarik. 45 likes. Květoslav Minařík was a Czech yogi and mystic. Kvetoslav Minarik: 1. Home.

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By the power of our will, we can turn our attention away from the situations which brought us to suffering, and simply change the whole situation by focusing our attention on things that evoke good feelings in us The teaching he formulated guides its followers through their life improving their whole being; it does not deal with just the physical, moral or mental component but it harmoniously develops all of them at once.


Kvetoslav Minarik

Suggest a phone number. Part of a series on. The ego dissolves and one reaches the nirvana. In his books Kvetoslav Minarik explains the spiritual teachings from a different viewpoint to make them comprehensible to a broad range of readers.

Asceticism is not just about sitting in a cave with no food. The goal however is not to keep getting rewards for the good deeds or getting punishment from the bad ones. Then ,vetoslav we walk down the spiritual path it tries to convince us we are better than the others, that our experience is unique and special.


Květoslav Minařík

Blavatsky with comments by K. This article has multiple issues. Watching the thoughts, watching the body but not becoming a part of it. Minqrik first it tries to bind us here in this world by wanting us to satisfy our needs, lusts and passions.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. For example focusing on one body part and through this concentration becoming one with it and thus reaching the emptiness.

I found his teaching really helpful and it cleared many things for me. It is one of the most important things, event more important than the meditation techniques themselves because by cultivating our minds with the moral laws we will eventually naturally come to the meditation.

Later he formulated his direct experience as an original not learned from books mnarik teaching which is based on the psychology and mentality of a contemporary European.

Květoslav Minařík

His interest of yoga started at and after one and half year he recognized and to the deepest details personally realized the highest ideals of the Orient, without losing contact with his civic life. Meaningless posts are automatically refused. Ego would do anything to avoid this though. Mimarik Suggest a phone number Kveoslav Suggest a website. This a big obstacle though. Explore local businesses on Facebook. The ego controls us in many ways.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fear so terrible that the stomach aches, the body becomes ill, people become paralyzed by it and rather return to the previous life without spirituality, trying to do as many activities as possible because the emptiness is so terrifying.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Based on this very piece of knowledge, a system can be created. The true asceticism is about avoiding the thoughts that we enjoy but that lead to making us blind and strengthening the influence of our ego.

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Yoga Meditation Through Life – Kvetoslav Minarik

Books of Kvetoslav Minarik, however, have not yet been published systematically in any other language, only in Czech. His interest of yoga started at and after one and half year he recognized and to the deepest details personally realized the highest ideals of the Orient, without losing contact with his civic life.

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