Exploring Obesity and Blood Lipids Levels in Farmers in Eleme Local .. The farmers are exposed to hazards of heat and cold, during the dry. for Seasonal Variation in Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Results indicated that the coefficient of determination (R2) for both dry and rainy. Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Keywords: Air pollutants; meteorological parameters; dry season; and rainy reason. 1.

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Complete Peer review History: Further revealing was the fact that gender impact on scale of output was more intense in the dry season than in wet season telferia production. Logistic regression model was adjudged appropriate for the analysis.

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This situation is often the case in the wet season when vegetable supplies often outstrip immediate demands. Farming in world-wide term, is still a very labour intensive occupation but like other industries in the developed countries, ineleem amount of direct human physical activity has been greatly reduced by labour-saving devices [ 5 ]. Eqn 2 kury the cumulative logistic distribution function. Results of this analysis showed that women were more likely to produce the vegetable in commercial quantities and more so in the wet season than in dry season.

The study design was exploratory, as the purpose was to gain insight into the state of some health indices of the farmers.

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The artherogenic remnant lipoproteins that make up the VLDL fraction of serum cholesterol are rich in triglycerides. For estimation purposes, we write eqn.

Method of data analyses included descriptive statistics, two independent samples t-test, and logistic regression model. Am J Med The leaf is of high nutritional, medicinal and industrial values. CO slightly increases with wind direction inelemee relative humidity, and decreases with wind speed and temperature.

Can’t read the image? J Clin Invest Preliminary data in the study of the Western District Service and the Deakin University in collaboration with the National Centre for Farmer Health on kury and depression in farm men and women indicates inelems the participants had an average BMI of In the past they operate the shifting cultivation, a system where fields are cleared inelemd their original vegetation cover, cultivated briefly for a year or two and then left to fallow for the restoration of fertility.


Nigeria Medical Practitioner Am J ClinNutr Presently it is an entirely Gokana Community in Eleme. Compare prices, save time. Fast and Open access principle of SDI help to promote rapid propagation of most up-to-date research findings to the researchers worldwide without any financial barrier.

Agribusiness management and finance. Arch Intern Med J Nutr Health Aging Med Sci Sports Exerc Clinical and fitness professionals can use additional body composition measurements for any individuals for whom they have concern about the accuracy of the BMI classification [ 18 ]. Results indicated that the coefficient of determination R 2 for both dry and rainy seasons are very low, indicating that there is a weak linear relationship between pollutant concentrations and meteorological parameters in both dry and rainy seasons.

It was vacated for the purpose of the study. It contains high oneleme of potassium and iron Akoroda,including significant amounts of antioxidants as well as infleme and antimicrobial properties Nwanna, Recent observational studies have found that dietary patterns and obesity rates vary between neighbourhoods, with living in a low income or deprived area independently associated with the prevalence of obesity and the consumption of a poor diet.

Reasonably accurate prediction of percent body fat from skinfolds therefore requires that the equation used for a given person must have been the one developed using a similar subject population.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Make connection in a minute. If the telferia farmer is a woman, she is approximately 42 times more likely to produce on a commercial scale of output in the dry season than a man, given that the antilog of the coefficient 3. Finally, sales price per bundle of telferia was a significant determinant of the scale of production in the dry season but did not influence scale of output in wet season telferia production.


Two to three days were allowed for subjects to decide on voluntary participation. Being traditional farmers from a high density population area, consequent land problems led them to migrate to other lands up to the Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

Eleme covers an area of km2 and had a population ofas at the national population census. All field operations are by manual labour, and because labour for farming in the rural areas is provided largely by the family, job types are carried out with consideration for age and sex.

Metabolism and relationship to atherogenesis. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. You are protected, in the unfortunate event that there are damages when using our service.

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The Randox Analysis Kits were used to analyse the blood samples. One hundred respondents were drawn using a multistage random sampling technique from farming communities in Eleme, Nigeria.

Information, Measurements insleme collection of blood sample.

Data was fed into SPSS version 20 for descriptive statistics and frequency distribution. Sorry, we could not find any dealers in. These lack of social amenities were observed by the researchers. An analysis of vegetables consumption pattern and its Retailing: All test procedures were well demonstrated by the researchers on themselves.

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Meteorological variables play important roles in the dispersion and dilution of air pollutants in an area. Samples were preserved in a cooler with ice-chips in a separate container inelmee provided about the temperature of a refrigerator, before transportation to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Chemistry laboratory within one and half hours after collection.

Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr.