English Year 1 Guidebook – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) Values and Citizenship Values contained in the KSSR moral syllabus have . Items 19 – 35 The findings of the study showed that KSSR is less suitable for of the English KSSR in lower primary (Year 1 – 3) indi genous schoo ls. . Table 1 further describes the development of the English syllabus in the KBSR and KSSR. Hi, thank you for sharing. i use this to teach my kids.:) good job! sure hope you will update this. ReplyDelete. Replies. Reply. uma muniandy

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Through these stories, pupils are exposed to a wide language skills are taught through these themes which provide the range of vocabulary, sentence structures and aspects of creative context for language learning. Higher Order Thinking Skills Caring feelings of others.


Pupil-Centredness in Teaching and Learning Curriculum Principles Teaching approaches, lessons and materials must suit the differing Curriculum principles are crucial in guiding the teaching and needs and abilities of pupils. Mastery Learning Mastery Learning will ensure that all pupils master the Learning Standards stipulated in the standard-based curriculum.

Pupils will also be encouraged to plan, prepare and produce simple creative works. The Language Arts strand of the syllabus gives pupils opportunities to solve problems and to think creatively. These in curricular and co-curricular activities.

CEFR -KSSR Syllabus Year 1

This enables pupils values encompass aspects of spirituality, humanity and to work together and collaborate towards nation-building. Critical thinking, problem solving and creativity for contributions are valued. These six strands support one another and are integrated with critical and creative thinking, and innovative ksr. Both the textbook-based and non-textbook-based lessons do this through helping pupils to think about the content and values shown in stories, and through helping them to apply knowledge linked to other subjects in the curriculum.


Pupils can carry these positive attitudes and motivation into Year 3, when they begin to focus more explicitly on grammar. Diversity is celebrated, and therefore, all outcome.

Open your book, please. Patriotic support and respect for the country.

Life skills refer to the ability to navigate the complex life and work environments, by being flexible and adaptable, having initiative and self-direction, having social and cross-cultural skills, being productive and accountable and displaying leadership and responsibility.

Lastly, the task pupils work together on example, are important components in the process of achieving the must be clearly defined. Many words are introduced in the textbook and are recycled in the non-textbook-based lessons. Details of the themes syllabux lessons can be found within the Scheme of Work document. The Blueprint also Standards. Instructions Sit at your desk, please. Pupils will which effective practice should be practised. Have we got any cheese?

CEFR -KSSR Syllabus Year 1 – PDF Free Download

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, are also provided. The ability to know something has within the stipulated time. Resilient with wisdom, confidence, tolerance and They share responsibility, respect and empathy. Pupils are able to voice out their thoughts, ideas and information with Pupils have a sense of integrity, Communicator confidence and creativity orally and in sincerity, equality, fairness, high moral written form, using various types of standards and respect for individuals, Principled media and technologies.

Produce an idea or product using creative and Creation innovative englosh. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

It is important that appropriate learning practices in schools. Content and Learning Standards appear does not reflect a 8.

Values crucial for the well being of the country. This syllabus sets out the themes, topics, grammar and vocabulary pupils will learn in Primary Year 1. National Curriculum 1 An educational programme that includes curriculum and co-curricular activities which encompasses all the knowledge, skills, norms, values, cultural elements and beliefs to help develop a pupil fully with respect to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects as well as to inculcate and develop desirable moral values and to transmit knowledge.


They will learn skills to resolve conflicts.

Once the performance level of each language sllabus has been Pupil exceeds expectations of the 6 identified, teachers can then determine their pupils overall curriculum target. The aim of learning English in Years 1 and 2 is very much to provide pupils with positive and successful experiences with English, so that the motivation to learn comes from meaning and enjoyment rather than a specific focus on grammar.

It is a set of criteria or indicator for think and act upon their learning learning quality and achievements that strategies for self-improvement. These teaching, learning and assessment.

Pupils have frequent opportunities to develop thinking skills as they learn English in Year 1. Log In Sign Rnglish.

This approach curriculum is character building. They learning and assessment. This focus on meaning and enjoyment helps children to build positive attitudes to and confidence with learning English.

These skills incorporate study skills which help pupils to teaching and learning. A table of common sound and letter correspondences is below to help you with your phonics teaching.

Learning Standards for communicating meaning move from pupils 4. Click here to sign up. Collaborative planning is Lesson Organisation encouraged through professional learning communities PLC. Pupils are exposed to grammar all the time as they learn English, but they are not expected to analyse grammar explicitly in detail in Year 1.

Hence, speaking skills are introduced to help pupils enrich their emergent technologies can be used in language teaching and understanding of the language. This will develop will help pupils understand different cultural beliefs and learn to live personal learning and growth which will eventually lead to the harmoniously with others.