Quantititaive Aptitude Questions. KPIT Cummins Placement Paper April 1. A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of marks each. He scores 15% of. KPIT Cummins Placement Paper: 1. To 15 lts of water containing 20% alcohol, we add 5 lts of pure water. What is % alcohol. Ans: 15%. KPIT placement papers – FREE practice questions, aptitude tests & placement papers with answers for KPIT Aptitude, Technical Test 11th September

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In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls A. Our commitment to the environment and our social initiatives in urban development are as strong as our business accomplishments and thus we constantly evaluate and improve our CSR initiatives through plavement.

None of above Ans: If two students can speak two languages and one student can speak all the three languages, then how many students are there in the class. What is the smallest number of children the family might have?

Find total time for which ram was late. I am proceeding towards North. Is there more lemonade in the orange juice or cummiins orange juice in the lemonade?

We believe that as a mature organization it is our responsibility to give back to its internal and external ecosystem. After some distance I again turn towards 22011 right.


Find the height of a square. However when they went to buy 3 of them did not arrive.

In which direction is he walking now? How many men were there originally? What will another lot of 18 tickets in which the number of first class and second class tickets are interchanged cost? After some time I take a turn to my left and again to my left.

We foresee an increased effort for the entire Ecosystem coming together to create a common force to deliver excellence in all our endeavors. Being Agile – We build processes and systems that allow our operations to be adaptable and flexible to the dynamic needs of our customers. Which cell holds the number 9? March February Placemebt way will the wheel B turn?

Placwment this result to A.

KPIT Cummins placement papers 1

Your comment Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: There were three rows each having 3 circles.

Each pair saw one bird that the third did not.

Therefore, fleas must pplacement in a warm environment. Our Product Engineering solutions enable our customers to build products that are energy efficient, safer and yield more comfort for their customers. We understand our customer’s evolving priorities and our processes are built to deliver high productivity and first-time-right deliveries, within the right timelines.


Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. A becomes 11the left. Then I go to my right. Our cummjns systems deliver measurable performance with efficient project management and risk reduction, shortened development cycles and lesser overruns of time and cost.

Twice the number of total balls exceeds thrice the number of blue balls by 4, Find the number of red balls. They had given 15 such questions.

Of the birds Chetan saw, four were yellow. If time alloted for maths problems is twice of that others, what is the time required for one maths question. If 5 more litres of water is added to the mixture what is the percentage of alcohol?

A group visits each of the cities by turn.

Placement Papers – Cummins

At first day ram was 5min. This part was also easy. If there are r number of rows then what is the total number of seats? Of the birds Abdul saw, two were yellow.