Korg’s -S^GS uses eight digitally encoded waveforms having we complex DW- Basic Functions This manual covers the followmg basic functions. $oiin£l. Download Service manual & Owner’s Manual for Korg DW Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer, musical instruments. | Visit SynthXL for more. KORG ID 42H. FORMAT ID 30H .. When using a computer for DW control and commu- nications, a system . UPPER CASE. UPPER CASE SUPPORT.

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Chorus can be set to On 1 or Off 0. If the recorder has no mic jack, use a “line in” or other input jack. If BANK HOLD is on, then it advances within mxnual bank that is, the left digit does not change but the right digit goes in a loop from 1 up to 8 and then starts over from 1etc. The DW’s six voices are assigned sequentially as notes are played.

DIuga 5, B3 Warszawa Phone: Q] Press the parameter switch so that its LED illuminates. In this mode, sounds using long release times wi! When the DW is in the “OiyiNI” mode, as korf by parameter 83, it will receive information sent to it on ALL channels, regardless of the setting of the Channel parameter.

Note that if the break point is lower than the sustain level, then the slope functions as a second attack. Adjust volume control on DW front panel. I4l Rewind the tape. If you are using a MIDI sequencer or computer then you can assign particular instructions and data to particular channels.

The higher the value, the faster the speed. This is used to allow instruments to work off the same out- put signal. I SUSTAIN Level Detemiines the level at which kkorg or cutoff frequency is held after the attack, decay, and slope phases are com- pleted, for as long as the note is held down on the keyboard.


The power switch is on the left side of the rear panel, as seen from the rear. If you turn off the Omni mode, then be sure that the sending synth is set to the same channel number as the receiving synth. If the tape recorder head is dirty, wow and flut- ter are excessive, or there are fluctuations in output due to weak batteries, etc.

Receiving – Repeated 64 times. V, 8′, and IS’. Four of these modules will be used. Computer Tape decks, radio- cassette recorders, or tape recorders. Low-pass filter cutoff frequency. This can speed up Parameter Number selection when you are working on several parameters within the same “family” that is, having the same left digit. The DW utilizes advanced 6-stage EG modules with “break point” ami “slope” rate parameters in addition to the conventional attack, decay, sustain and release parameters.

Purwin Caijia Postal P. The actual digital data from DW sound program memory. If the recorder has tone controls, set them to the center positions. That Is, store your first sound under pro- gram number 1, the second sound under program num- ber 2, and so on.


Note that this erases the previous contents of the new program number. The most recently selected channel number is retained by the DW-eOOO when power is turned on and off. But such techniques are too cumbersome and unreliable for today’s computerized polyphonic synthesizers.


Note on Encoded as a number. Experiment with different combinations of sounds and detuning on the two synths. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. DW Basic Functions This manual covers the followmg basic functions. All notes OFF Messages: Sounds are repositioned by copying mamual from korh present pro- gram number to a different program number.

P0LY1 is the “standard” polyphonic keyboard mode, for playing chords and melody lines.

You have eight basic waveforms to choose from. Synth module 1 2 Guadaia ara, Jal Phone: Page 9 Korg’s provide. This I helps protect against accidental overwriting erasure of I memory contents.

But is does not erase the contents of the old program number. So the MIDI format was developed. In the mono mode, only one note will be played at a time, even if receiving multiple note data.

This resets the circuitry. The Display will appear as shown here.

DW Korg SERVICE MANUAL | SynthXL – Service & Repair Manual

WEth recording and playback functions Footswitch m. I Every so und gets a program number Writing programs Sound program memory 64 total You select the program number of the sound that you want to play or edit. A request for the DW to send data for the present sound. X 1 2 7 Control 64 65 Change O: Data tone medium-pitched “gaa After you finish editting your sound, you store it into memory.

Changing the 0SC1 oscillator 1 waveform. To change the values of parameters, follow the steps described in the following section.