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Home – Women’s Aid Organisation

Keganssan would also like to thank WAO for the support and motivation which makes me strong and who I am today. The activities are Art Exhibition done by human trafficking survivors, Interactive art session for visitors in response to the art being exhibited a participatory process.

This series of activities is supported by Think City. Bravo to myself as a survivor. ResisT at Festival Perempuan. Sincewe have provided free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who face abuse. Help us support survivors of violence. Antaranya adalah berkenaan dengan penderaan terhadap warga tua.

Memperkasakan mangsa untuk mendapat perlindungan, bantuan kewangan, bantuan penjagaan anak-anak. I came in hopeless into the WAO shelter.

Noorfadilla Ahmad Saikin and her team, who fought pregnancy discrimination and won a landmark court….

Lapor kes keganasan rumah tangga

Thank your for your kind attention. Let us stand by these strong ketanasan and see the stories that they have painted, for by only that will we be able to see the depth of pain enclosed within themselves. Celebrating Xmas in KL? Lipstick Under My Burkha.

  FM 38-701 PDF

Find Tenaganita’s message below: Promotions Special Offers Monthly Offer. Language – Bahasa Malaysia – English. Despite the physical and emotional scars, it is the daunting memories that repeatedly play.

Berikut ialah saranan kami untuk memastikan pindaan itu efektif:. Pastikan RUU tersebut menjadi undang-undang yang dikuatkuasakan. Hence this art exhibition that will showcase art works done by these survivors, each one a different story on a different canvas. Forum Wanita Bekerja Ditindas Berganda. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

Today, we are the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia.


Beliau juga merupakan editor bersama untuk buku Siri Undang-undang Mimi Kamariah: Art that come out of the process will also be on display and auctioned in support for Tenaganita shelter for human trafficking survivors subject to agreement of the artist. Information Description Reviews 0.

Today after all the motivation and counselling, I can walk in the street as a proud mother. Every mother should teach their son to respect women and to know that beating or hitting is against the law.


Pada masa sama perbincangan juga meliputi undang-undang yang terpakai pada masa kini berkenaan dengan kes-kes keganasan rumah tangga.

Latih pegawai yang terlibat di dalam Undang-Undang ini untuk menjadi seragam dengan pindaan baru.

We inform survivors about their rights and options, so they can make kefanasan best decisions for themselves. This interactive dialogue will explore a variety of myths about ‘Haid’ Period and debunk them with clarity: WAO woke me up from deep sleep, nudged me to do the right thing and now has enabled me to help women who aren’t sure if they would live to see another day.

Forgot Password Register Account. Memperuntukkan dana yang berpatutan untuk pelaksanaan dasar-dasar baru. There are also other activities conducted in the venue: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. We also run programmes to help women rebuild their lives after abuse. Always and forever indebted to WAO.