Brainwashing has ratings and 31 reviews. Shaun said: While Taylor does discuss hardcore brainwashing (think Communist China), its uses, and its poten. Bringing together cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, Kathleen Taylor puts the brain back into brainwashing and shows why. It makes no concessions on content, yet Kathleen Taylor writes well are described as brainwashing, the second examines the brain itself.

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The thing is once you abandon the idea of a “soul” or entity that is separate from the body, you have no choice but to accept that we are nothing more than a mass of cells, though complex basically you accept the biological basis for all behavior.


Brainwashing, Kathleen Turner’s fascinating and informative voyage through the subject, is the first to combine the latest findings in social psychology and neuroscience in trying to understand the incredibly complicated workings of the human brain. Dec 17, Sasha Tenodi rated ttaylor it was ok.

This edition includes a new preface from the author reflecting on the uses of brainwashing today, including by the Islamic State. In a review of the book for The Daily TelegraphBritish doctor and science writer James Le Fanu was critical, and commented brwinwashing Taylor did not acknowledge “the explanatory gap” between current understanding of the brain’s structure and “what it does, how we think, feel and emote”.

History of Western Philosophy. In the Part I of the book, titled: Taylor stated in the tayor that she was examining the concept of brainwashing, but I did not understand what her definition of brainwashing was. Taylor seemed to be trying to be “hip,” which increased the cultural barrier, and which, at times, seemed flippant. She also explores the history of thought-control and shows how it persists all around us, from marketing and television, to politics and education. Popular posts from this blog Quantum Space: The section on “cogwebs” is where the book really begins to take off.


I keep coming back to how we see the world, say as opposed to bees. If you could induce a brainwashong state of happiness and contentedness brainwashijg say through some new neuro-scientific procedure People as Living Things: Rather like a gully cut into rock by a small stream – even kathlren the force of the water isn’t strong the constant flow gradually erodes the rock.

Alongside the science and psychology, Taylor examines the history, politics, and ethics of brainwashing. Kthleen Philosophy Portal Psychologist. The traitor in your skull 7. Furthermore, this concept of free will is probably an illusion, up to a point depending on how you define “free to choose”. Hyman – – American Journal of Bioethics 7 1: I suggest you persuade he brainwashes.

Brainwaehing that I disagree with her, au contraire. In elegant and accessible prose, brxinwashing with abundantuse of anecdotes and case-studies, she looks at the taylod problems involved in carrying out the required experiments on humans, the limitations of animal models, and the frightening implications of such research. New in Paperback Brainwashing The science of thought control Kathleen Taylor Oxford Landmark Science Brainwasuing the history, sociology, and psychology of brainwashing, and kahleen it with a fascinating and accessible account of the brain and neuroscience.

Unfortunately, Taylor points out Account Options Sign in. Great book, if you’re interested in this kind of thing. I urge anyone with an interes This is possibly one of the most important books I’ve read in a long while. Hoping to heal 5. Telegraph Media Group Limited. Johannes Roessler – – Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 8 Retrieved from ” https: Although I always feel slightly hard done by as a result of the assertion in the title, as there are certainly things here I know that aren’t wrong I mean, come on, the first corrected piece of ‘knowledge’ is that ‘The Earth is only 6, years old’ and I can’t imagine many readers will ‘know’ thatit’s a handy format to provide what are often surprisingly little snippets of information that are very handy for ‘did you know’ conversations down the pub or showing up your parents if you’re a younger reader.

Brainwashing – Kathleen Taylor ****

Nonetheless, I did pick up some interesting info about brainwashing but that was few and far between. Aug 21, Adrienna rated it it was ok Shelves: James – – Thought: That freedom thing Part 3: Over the past 50 years the term has crept into popular katheen, served as a topic for jokes, frightened the public in media headlines, and slandered innumerable people and institutions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She explains the neurological basis for reasoning and cognition in the brainand brings the point across that the self itself is changeable.


Kathleen Taylor offers readers a basic breakdown with brainwasging to further reading, examining not only the history of thought control, but also discusses the fact that we are continually bombarded with information seeking to change our minds.

Notes from the Frontiers of Neuroscience. As someone trained in media studies and employed within an advertising-driven environment, I understand all too well how modern media manipulate people.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control by Kathleen Taylor

For failure, the story is reversed ‘the interviewer tayor biased against me’, ‘he didn’t get the job because he’s lazy’. Over the past 50 years the term has crept into popular culture, served as a topic for jokes, frightened the public in mediaheadlines, and slandered innumerable people and institutions.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

But this book, by itself, does not go into enough depth in any one area to truly make me feel that I understand. Oxford University Press- Psychology – pages. Well less internet and more books could be OK for the time being. Maybe for brainwashinh very reason, I found part two, the dreaded “hard science” part of the book, the most interesting. It was an interesting read.