Initially, Kasravi enrolled in a seminary. Later Born in Hokmabad (Hohmavar), Tabriz, Iran, Kasravi was an Iranian Azari. Initially احمد کسروی’s books. Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan. By: Kasravi, Ahmad. Price: $ Publisher: Bethesda, Maryland, Ibex Publishers: , Edition:?. Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching.

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English Choose a language for shopping. Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi.

Although Kasravi had written an important book called Shari’at Ahmadi on the osul and foru’ of Islam and Shi’ism, he gradually began to question not only the role and legitimacy of the clergy, but even the basis of Shi’ism. Khomeini loathed popular superstition.

Ahmad Kasravi

Pope, Arthur Upham Pourjavadi, N. High to Low Avg.

Kasravi as a constitutionalist. Within these dialects Kasravi found a real treasure of Iranian words that had become obsolete centuries before from not having been used by kasrqvi and administrators, to the extent that the Iranians considered them foreign. The movement was formed during Pahlavi dynasty.

Navvab Safavi was executed by the Pahlavis inand his followers dispersed into Khomeini’s movement, where they performed some of the rough work. They even excommunicated him in an attempt to turn the faithful against him. Neshat Esfahani Abbas Foroughi Bastami — Intellectual Traditions Series Bibliotheca Iranica: In Octoberunder a law kasraavi by the Assembly, judges were required to take an examination in Tehran.

He there thwarted the power of the mullahs, who, despite the establishment of a constitutional government in the country, kasravvi controlled the judicial system of the town. How To Swap Books?

A protest against mismanagement and famine and the sale by the Qajars of mining and trading concessions to shady City of London interests changed on the bookz of Tabriz and Tehran into a full-blown movement for liberty and the rule of law. Many of Kasravi’s above-mentioned criticisms of Shi’i rituals and practices as well as his view on the role of the traditional clergy, later found its echo in modernist Islamic circles and especially in the works of Ali Shariati.


This page kqsravi last edited on 29 Novemberat After several years of attempting to penetrate modern science, he realized that he needed to learn a European language.

He held that Sufism taught the young nothing but idleness, inactivity, and celibacy Kasravi, a, p. He lists the dangers that were threatening the territorial integrity of the country and reveals the flaws of the political plans of the parties and the incoherence of kasravu ideologies that controlled their minds idem,pp. As soon as he arrived in Tehran, Kasravi learned from the minister of justice himself that a file had been opened against him on the basis of the reports of the military governor of Khuzestan in order to take him to trial.

Existing Islam was an institution run ,asravi the clerics, beneficial to no one and the source of great misfortune. If you enter several tags, separate with commas. Religion and Politics in IranNew York,pp. Kasravi rejected the infallibility of the Twelve Imams, ridiculed the existence of the Twelfth Imam and consequently the central Shi’i notion of his occultation and his promised return on earth.

KASRAVI, AḤMAD vii. – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Mahmud Saba Kashani — His detailed account of the Constitutional Revolution still stands out as one of the most important sources on the events, kasragi though Kasravi was a teenager at the time of the revolution and cannot claim the full authority of a contemporary witness that his writing at times suggests.

Of Serpents and Dragons in Islamic Art. He intended in part to lift the intellectual obstacles that formed a barrier to national unity and in part to propagate a degree of rationalism in a world where the kazravi culture transmitted by literature and religious faith found it hard, because of its propensity for the irrational, to incorporate scientific thought, the keystone of the incredible success of Western societies.


Thenceforward he became, in Roy Mottahedeh ‘s words, “a true anti-cleric. Thus it was that he ventured onto a dangerous path that all the secular intellectuals of his period attempted to bypass. He was not free of eccentricity. The man who is burning the Qur’an! TAGS constitutional movement in tabriz.

Ahmad Kasravi: Books By Ahmad Kasravi, and a List of Books by Author Ahmad Kasravi

Thus doubt began to gnaw at his mind idem,pp. Denison Ross see above. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolutionin Persian, p.

In Kasravi’s mind, pursuing the essence of the faith resulted in social benefit. These he believed, were the acts which would please God. This is the second and final installment of this book. He mocked the concept of mediation shafa’ataccording to which on Judgment Day the Imams would request the salvation of a sinner from God and obtain it if only he were to mourn the Imams, visit their shrines and petition them with prayers tavasol.

The mantle of the prophet: Bob first claimed that he was the door between “the Savior” and the public, later on he claimed that he himself was “The Savior”. Bred up for the Shia clergy, his life was changed in by the popular movement to secure parliamentary government from the feckless and extravagant Qajar monarchy.