View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. Product description. Written by Karen Danrich, this book is a guide to assist humanity in remembering to awake and ascend thru the process of ascension.

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Let us say that the ascending individual is invited home for Christmas but sees that the unconscious abusiveness and harmfulness of her mother will most likely cause her difficulty or perhaps even make her ill.

Sometimes, such energy will be sent through the field of another. Mila and Rama, as directors of the Spiritual School of Ascension, have tried to share their own processes and difficulties with their students and affiliates to allow each to understand that the process of ascension is similar for all who are undertaking such a journey.

Our channel Mila observed this while out sunbathing and swimming.

All beings will have similar or parallel patterns to overcome in ascension. This newfound awareness may well lead to a conscious choice to ascend. The degree of expansion will vary from form to form. This blood sugar feeds the crystalline cellular structure, which has a metabolism 2, times greater than the old bio-chemical structure.

No journey is better than another journey. As such thoughtforms are transmuted, it makes possible the merger of soul and form. When one is ascending, one recognizes that others are not necessarily aware of their unconscious desire to destroy or manipulate. In the crystalline diaphragm, the blood from the lungs, which has collected oxygen, is sent to the pockets of the diaphragm to have the oxygen converted to eight types of blood sugar.


It is a great truth that the human species is holographic. Such thought-form only causes animosity and hatred between humans of different beliefs, and this is the root of warfare in the human dance. In any case, it is through the proper setting of boundaries that the ascending individual learns to protect themselves from the unconscious harmfulness of others so that they do not create difficult experiences or accidents in their life experience.

This, too, is a part of the path, and there is no other way to ascend other than to go through the process. As you embody all glyphs of the Language of Light, you transcend all destructive patterns on all planes of reality: The Shark’s Tooth If one is imperfect, then one must have something to be ashamed of.

The Wolf that Howls at the Moon It is karma that creates relationship that is tumultuous and difficult. The Language of Light Single Tones The Wooly Mammoth Speaks Seeing Through the Eyes of A Hawk Two Crows Dancing in the Wind 7.

The question comes down to, do you wish to ascend? In the dance of ascension, both the body and soul are considered of value and must learn to work together to accomplish their spiritual goal. It is human nature to blame another for their difficult experience. What this means in real biological terms is that the skin will appear as that of a young man or woman again in due course; hair will regenerate if one is balding; gray hair will become colored again; and the wrinkles and sagging will go away.

An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas

For if one is imperfect, they are in shame. The Blue Heron It is the vibration of shame that causes dissension or a dropping in vibration. For those who have been overly heavy, ascension may actually bring a reduction and redistribution of the weight over time.


Kqren more rapidly one chooses to take responsibility and release the very patterns at cause of any difficult creation, the more rapidly one will learn the lesson they have manifested of the experience to teach and transcend it. Often, within partnership based on polarity, one partner is ascending and the other is not. The History of the Human Dream How the human race came to be, and came to be in the state we are in.

All human genetics are equally conflicted with patterns that are uncomfortable to acknowledge and sometimes difficult to transcend.

Myths of the Spiritual Path

Bats in the Belfry 8. Chasing the Tiger’s Tail 6. There are many myths that have become prevalent for those in human form who subscribe to current metaphysical thoughtforms.

The Web of the Cane Spider 6. A Call for World Peace.


Ascension is about the biological transmutation of form until the form becomes one with the soul. A part of the changes are simply the growth of the diaphragm. We wish you many blessings on your journey. From the Fruit Bearing Trees. It is in the choice to ascend that the atrocities of the past and the distorted human dance in the present shall be resolved. It is the greatest hope of the plant and tree kingdoms that humans master peace, unity, honor and love in the dance of life. Ownership has been confused with love for a very long time in the human experience and is part of the genetic patterns in which humanity relates to one another.