“You’re holding ‘Karamoja’ Bell’s Rigby. I visited Westley Richards recently to order a rifle, which you’ve always sung the praises of. Every time the question of what rifle springs up, someone’s bound to say it: Karamojo Bell killed a thousand elephants with an Did he. Karamojo Bell was a professional hunter. It was his passion, but also his business, and — being a Scot — he ran it soberly and carefully, with.

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Finally he brought a.

Vell, I believe, is an erstwhile heavy rifle enthusiast. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Bell – One of the finest stories ever written on elephant hunting. For when you come below. The Rigby Mauser was just that, a Mauser 98 action rifle in sporting configuration, half stocked and finely finished.

He shot over cape buffalo with his small calibre rifles, as well as countless other plains game, including rhinoceros, and akramojo.

In pursuance of this train of thought I wired both triggers of the double. He was a great proponent of the bead foresight and it was his drawings with which he illustrated his first book Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter that explained to me how to use a bead front sight properly. If his career average was just 45 pounds, and if 90 percent of 1, elephants had two tusks, that would have amounted to somepounds of ivory.

vell He used them to illustrate his books. His mother died when he was two years old and his father died when he was six. At the time I possessed the double. The bottom line is, precisely as Karamojo himself claimed in his earliest prose, the 7 mm Mauser was what worked for a specific person under specific circumstances.


The cartridge appeared to me almost to detonate. It is also interesting to note that, although Bell is the most famous proponent of using small caliber “nitro” rifles for large game, he did not discover the technique, nor was he its earliest advocate. Taken prisoner at one point by the Boers, he managed to escape.

The elephant caught him and began to batter him, and his gun bearer managed to kill it with a brain shot from the. Elephant Hunters by Tony Sanchez-Arino. However, if he had to do it all over again with a modern rifle he would choose a Winchester Model 70 in.

Walter D.M. Bell aka Karamojo Bell

In later years he used a Winchester model 70 in. He declared once that a soft point bullet had never sullied the bore of his rifle. During World Karramojo Two, he was active in the home guard. These tusks that I thus brought home were duly presented to my sisters, who promptly sold them and invested in diamonds.

Manchester University Press ND.

W. D. M. Bell

On a bend in the Nile in northeastern Uganda, shooting in a cold, hard rain and grass eight to 12 feet tall—with a young herd boy carrying his backup rifle and with his cartridge belt full of kqramojo once dropped 19 elephants. I did not want any rhino, but the villagers had complained about this particular one upsetting their women while gathering firewood.

His porters, camp guards and personal men and their family could number as many as people, for whom he had to provide meat.

A constellation of famous African names converged around the ownership of this rifle. He discovered that with the. Why the caps should be so reliable in this particular cartridge I have never understood. Bell the ivory hunter looked for high volume and efficiency, and low costs be,l well as low risk.

A bullet between neck and shoulder laid him flat.

Overall, however, Bell used the. There was not much elephant hunting done though. In addition to elephant, Bell had to supply his porters and native African followers with meat and also hides, for their own use and also to trade for other supplies.


He also tried the. I Envy you Kano. He created water color paintings and ink drawings of red stags in the Highland tussock, as well as paintings of splendidly depicted elephants on the savannah, made with an eye for anatomical detail and an appreciation of the body language of the African elephant.

W.D.M. Bell and His Elephants

In spite of the pressures being high, the cartridge construction is so excellent that trouble from blowbacks and split cases and loose caps in the mechanism are entirely obviated.

The single trigger and ejectors on this rifle have on no occasion failed to act. With his vast experience ivory hunting, he felt he could put his finger on the perfect caliber for the purpose, which he felt was the. How to get that bullet out. On that occasion, he was using two. MikeJul 4, Interestingly, it is a half stock, take down rifle with a trap made out of the grip cap to store cleaning gear.

Ewart S Grogan who walked from akramojo Cape to Cairo between — After one expedition he returned with ivory worth over 23, pounds sterling. The history of Westley Richards and the hunters that used the guns and rifles belll always of great interest to me. I got up to him and pulled trigger on him, but click! A road—narrow, rutted, dusty or muddy, but nonetheless a road—had been cut through the Karamoja.