The a4j:mediaOutput component allows images, video, sounds, and other binary resources to be displayed as defined by a user on the fly. The createContent. Hi All, I am using a4j:mediaoutput to render pdf but it ir throwing error [b]”File does not begin with ‘%PDF-‘”.[/b] Please find below the c. ? c=mediaOutput”>On the component LiveDemo page you can see the.

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MethodExpression signature must match void createContent java. Base language of a resource specified with the href attribute; hreflang may only be used with href. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

available since

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. All values are lengths.

ValueExpression must evaluate to java. Coordinates are relative to the top left corner of an object. Data value calculated at render time and stored in URI also as part of cache Keyat generation time passed to send method.

Assigns one or more CSS class names to the component.

All values are lengths. As You see from the example above, first it is necessary to specify the kind of media data You want to generate. The relationship from the current document to the anchor specified mediaoutpit this hyperlink. Define a rectangular region.


OutputStream type defines a stream, where any binary data is output.

Dynamical creation of a component from Java code. In our case we don’t need our image to be cached, cause we need it to be changed every time we refresh the page.

The default value is not specified, but is generally a small, non-zero length. The default value is “middle”.

RichFaces Showcase

The number and order of values depends on the shape being defined. It is a reference to the steam that should be used for output. If ‘cacheable’ is set to false, the response will not be cached. This attribute specifies the shape of a region. User agents should ignore leading zeros.

User agents should ignore leading zeros. This attribute specifies the position and shape on the screen. Can be used for update cache at change of generating conditions, and for creating beans as “Lightweight” pattern components request scope. Method call expression to send generated resource to OutputStream. Key attributes and ways of usage.

Ошибка при попытке использовать a4j: mediaOutput на JBoss EAP 6.4

I’m not sure if I understand the documentation in the right way and I’m not able to find any problem with this code. If it is set to true, it will be cached and the serialized value of ‘value’ attribute plays the role of a cache key. Since serialized data stored in URI, avoid using big objects. It is used to define the corresponded type in the header of an HTTP response. The default value for this attribute depends on the user agent. Specifies the entire region.


You have to pass some id and fetch the object in the paint method. The attribute specifies shape and it position on the screen.

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Creating on a page. MethodExpression signature must match void createContentExpression java. Object type contains deserialized mediaoutout with data specified in the “value” attribute. This can be done with the help of “element” attribute, which possible values are imgobjectappletscriptlink or a.

A bean class transmitted into value should implement Serializable interface. To use the component it’s necessary to define it on a page and set Java methods for data keeping and data transmission to output stream.