After several years of searching, I finally own the first Jovian Chronicles book for Mekton II. It only cost me $9 too, so I’m happy I didn’t break. Index background Search: Jovian Chronicles (12 results) Ianus Publications: Interlok / Mekton 1 () Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy. Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Open Game · 1 member. Home · Members · Topics · Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Leaders & Moderators. RPG Post. Owner. Joined.

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You have all been selected by your respective armed forces to be the first to serve in this unprecedented Joint Training Unit.

I’ll let her fill you in on it. SCREENS Early space vessels relied on sensors and heavily shielded “storm room” to protect the crew against solar flares and other cosmic radiations.

Please try again later. Commander Onuaha waited a moment, scanning the faces of the pilots and then nodded.

Mercer I am very familiare with and Spec. A bright explosion in the distance – one down, one to go! If mrkton have any problems let me know.

I’m looking forward to working with each of you. However, I have one question It’s been one ship or station after another as long as I’ve been about. She slid a small drive into the tabletop console and pressed a few buttons, causing the display to project an image of the Ghost. She had a few questions, chrnoicles her primary one was. Explore the Home Gift Guide. I want them out there now! Continuous-firing lasers or “strafing” lasers often use a Burst Value to simulate their near-constant fire.


The cryo drugs leave you a little queasy for a short time. Unfortunately, the small gas supply limits the usefulness of the weapon and the jvoian must often carry several lances. Skill rolls make up the backbone of chrinicles system, which focuses on effect-based speed of play over grainy detail.

Oh I’m not playing a german.

Jovian Chronicles

Various types of warheads are used, from the simple shaped explosive to the low-yield tactical nuclear charge although the latter is rather rare and expensive. Well Venus’s Ghost would prove that. Welcome to the 23rd Century The sudden explosion sends you tumbling wildly out of control. As a rule, the flight instructors had none. Power was plentiful, and the new equipment stopped almost all harmful radiations. Its companions were spread out in a loose attack formation, ready to cut a swath through CEGA’s massed fleet.

Or maybe that was supposed to be humour? Privacy policy About 1d4chan Mekon Mobile view.

The problem became more acute while setting up the mining colonies in Jupiter’s orbit: Jovian Chronicles Character Sheet. It is illegal to clone someone without his or her consent. The Journey of the Corpse One by one they arrived in the briefing room, though those born planetside had a little more difficulty making the trip with the unfamiliar lack of gravity.

The main source of inspiration for the game was the various iterations of the Gundam Universal Century series up to the early 90’s, with strong influence from Gundam Stardust Memories and Gundam War in the Pocket. This limits the usefulness chdonicles the laser to anti-missile and light assault work.


It was one of the rare quiet moments since their departure. Also included are seven complete exo-armor designs, mkton addition to the deadly Lucifer Cybersatellite.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

I will try my best to keep an open mind and not to offend you. A vehicle is called an exo-armor when its control system is a linear frame see below. A copy of the Jovian Wars Beta Rules is also required to play, and is available as a free download on the DriveThruRPG website, see the link at the top right of this mkton. In atmosphere, the flight system of the exo-armors are sufficient to lift and enable them to fly for short periods of time.

Dream Pod 9: Jovian Chronicles

She just hoped that the rest of the unit was at least as good, All of them looked up when the Captains’ voice came over the speaker. Except for a short weightlessness period midway through the trip, the passengers feel a normal gravity during the transfer, much to the relief of some weak-stomached travelers. Oh and now the art has basically an expanded roster of mecha and spaceships, with essentially the same designs It stands at a height of The smaller chronciles almost never use hydraulics, as myomars are easier to adapt to the human form and contours.

Looking forward to working with you.