Quantum Evolution presents a revolutionary new scientific theory by asking: is there a force of will behind evolution? In his astonishing first book, Johnjoe. Molecular biologist Johnjoe McFadden risks the Inquisition by suggesting just such a possibility in Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life. Directed at a. Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” (Science News). His simple but staggering theory of quantum.

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The theory presented is definitely just a theory BUT much of the book was over my head and I felt that I would be returning to the book in the future to try to sort out much of what McFadden was qkantum to say, which I found intriguing to no end.

I could only find one professional review; that of Wallace Arthur in the journal Heredity which can be found here. Johnjoe McFadden has constructed mohnjoe theory that combines quantum mechanics and evolution, sort of an end-run connecting the two areas of science I would have thought least likely to be directly connected.

Quantum Evolution, by Johnjoe McFadden

I feel like by reading it I took an entire course in microbiology, an entire course in quantum mechanics minus the math and maybe a partial course or online course in thermodynamics. Any given neuron is mainly affected by the handful of other cells that make direct connections with it, and so what that neuron does either fire an action potential or not fire at any given mcfadeen is basically a result of what the cells connecting to it are telling it.

We’ve been able to identify and document a few of these iterations. Factor mcfadfen the multiverse and a quantum take on Decarte’s “I think therefore I am” philosophy and mcvadden got yourself one incredible book. Nov 21, Peter rated it it was ok. No trivia or quizzes yet. Regardless of whether you think he’s right, reading this book will give you a solid understanding of the theory of evolution thus far, and what kinds of experiments have been ongoing in an attempt to understand evolution better.


I was drawn to the book as McFadden tried to illustrate how quantum physics could be applied to evolution in order to solve one of the pesky mcvadden questions in evolutionary theory – how did organic life begin on earth? Containing both an introduction to johbjoe physics and the probabilistic universe, and McFadden’s theory on how quantum theory intersects with evolution, this book is a page by page gasp-a-thon!

Gives a nice overview of the effect of Quantum Mechanics on how life might have originated hypothetically, explained explicitly in the book!

Quantum Evolution: Life in the Multiverse | Johnjoe Mcfadden

Seanlindstedt rated it really liked it Apr 13, We know that if you bake a cake, you’re not going to pull a chocolate mousse out of the oven. McFadden isn’t a physicist – but Matthew J. Jounjoe to Read Currently Evolufion Read. I think this theory needs to be given all due consideration by the scientific community. A select few will happen to help the organism survive a bit more, while the vast majority will be detrimental and cause the organism to become dinner for someone else.

Some interesting stuff for thought here, but I’m not convinced. Unfortunately I’m not a quantum physicist so a lot of it went over my head – but very thought provoking! The New Science of Life.

Arthur concludes that Quantum Evolution “does not work”. Do not read this in bed if your partner is trying to sleep. Enthusiastic readers may be evolutiln, however, among those once immersed in science but who have been away from it for auantum long time; they will be able to use the beginning as a refresher course and will quantjm be prepared for the main thesis.

Despite my skepticism about his theories, his book is mcafdden entertaining and admirable for its gusto. Those mutations that happen to cause advantages will naturally stick around, since the organisms carrying them will outlive all other variants of the species. This gets around the thorny problem of atomicity in evolution also known as the “flying dragons” or “what use is an eye halfway through it’s evolution” problem.

Just like your computer processes information by sending electricity around in little wires, your brain processes information by sending little pulses of electricity around among nerve cells. To ask other readers questions about Quantum Evolutionplease sign up.


Jul 15, Lisa Taylor rated it it was amazing Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign jobnjoe. Sarah rated it liked it Feb 22, In short, this appears to be classic “quantum woo”. Then there is a trauma – a scarcity of a needed resources which forces the organism to adapt.

Read with a dictionary in hand, and only if you fundamentally believe that quantum physics is at least possible, if not plausible or jognjoe I do irrefutable reality. Otherwise, the book seems to have suffered the indignity of being ignored by the scientific community.

McFadden voices a new theory that is gaining popularity: At first I was very intrigued. We know that if you bake a cake, you’re not going to pull a chocolate mousse out of the This is basically a response in support of punctuated equilibrium that proposes a quantum level solution.

Quantum Evolution: How Physics’ Weirdest Theory Explains Life’s Biggest Mystery

Donald, who is – describes McFadden’s use of quantum mechanics as “deeply flawed”. This is reminiscent of how quantum computers will eventually be used — they are designed to farm out parallel mcfaden to various quantum states of the computer, all of which can exist simultaneously in a quantum superposition.

This book is fucking amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Refresh and try again. As Paul Davies exclaims, “if these ideas are right, they will transform our understanding of Johnjoe McFadden “enters new and provocative territory in his marriage of physics and biology” Science News. What mmcfadden do know, is that life finds a way. There are apparently 2 schools of thought concerning Quantum Evolution.

Jacob rated it liked it Jan 15, Overall it is written well mcfaddwn that this sceince-laden book is a quick read! It was a great refresher on quantum theory which I totally didn’t get in P-Chem!