Welcome to Bullet Park, a township in which even the most buttoned-down gentry sometimes manage to terrify themselves simply by looking in the mirror. When in John Cheever turned from the lovable Wapshots to the weird creatures who inhabit Bullet Park, most reviewers attacked or. Jenne begins with Joyce’s Dubliners while I flip open a novel by John Cheever, Bullet Park. I had picked it up used a few months ago after being intrigued by.

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Inspired by Your Browsing History. Part one introduces an average man, Nailles, living in an average and depressing suburb of New York. Please try again later.

An actor reveals his rather tantalizing penis buklet stage; mobs of profane youth protest in a park outside the theater; and on the bus ride home she spies two men kissing. Hermetic tropes include the ‘magic Negro’ faith-healer who lives over a funeral parlor in the slums, two alchemists with different sorts of laboratories, a fairy tale bastard raised by a rich fairy grandmother, a sacrificial first-born son, the summoning of erotic spirits, a variety of impossible-to-please ‘White Goddess’ women alternately known as bitches.

This book was good for many reasons, good stories, good writing, good themes, well developed characters, and more. If this book had been written 30 years later, I would have pegged it as authored by an experimental AI programme. Only later do you realize that the tunnel is descending and the grade is getting steeper, and that those seemingly haphazardly arranged pafk are forcing you towards some emotional disaster.

They were of no importance. There were of no importance. He has taken the plan from his mother, a Leftist loon living abroad in Germany. The rain that day tasted as salty as blood. Aug 07, BlackOxford rated cehever it was ok Shelves: I’m not afraid of the dark but there are some kinds of human ignorance that frighten me.


January Learn how and when to remove this template message. My grandmother is gone and soon the house will be, too. And I loved it!

He hopes the book will help to remedy the situation. NYC will always exist. I loved it all and everyone who lived. About Bullet Parm Welcome to Bullet Park, a township in which even the most buttoned-down gentry sometimes manage to terrify themselves simply by looking in the mirror.

In the first pages, I could see each scene being shot following Matthew Weiner’s script. This section is faster, more character driven, and less good, as the voice loses Cheever’s lyricism. I did find much of the book very readable, and mostly enjoyed Well. The book deals with the failure of the American dream, spoken in a fable-like tone, in prak vein with Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road and The Great Gatsby.

Bullet Park by John Cheever | : Books

Set in the late ‘s at the height of the “God, how I hate Suburbia” trend in American letters, it alternates between oddly shafted suburban satire a French teacher has a sexy mouth because of working through “strenuous French vowels”and implied violence, but despite its title, most of BULLET PARK’s violence is psychic anguish.

Locations – Rome, cheevfr Italian Alps, Switzerland, Cleveland – come and go without need or apparent purpose. The mild adultery, the man sucked under the morning express, the man who knows the different sounds trees make in the wind – larch, tulip, oak.

The narrative hook comes in very close to the end of this section, and is quickly resolved in a climax that seems way too easy. The second half of the book belongs to Hammer, the newest resident of Bullet Park.

Inthe novel was adapted into a French-language film, Parc. That’s the line, the line for me.


Bookslut | Reading Cheever in Bullet Park

Clearly I need someone cheeevr give me a skeleton key to Bullet Park. Mostly I recall her unchanging eating habits Grape Nuts, rice crackers, deli sandwiches and irrational, show-stopping assertions of control. Part 1, the “death to suburbia” section about Nailles’s life, is a tour de force of ideas and writing, but is still a tour of the very subdivisions where it’s set — i.

Cheever’s carries you along on a broad, smooth river of words to the violent and surprising and uplifting! To ask other readers questions about Bullet Parkplease sign up.

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Bullet Park

So Very Sixties A bizarre book full of absurdities and unfathomable details of travel and personal description. In the bedroom closet is the black-and-white television my brother and I used to watch during concurrent bouts of insomnia.

Return to Book Page. It isn’t that I dislike boys like that really, it’s just that they mystify me, they frighten me because I don’t know where they come from and I don’t know where they’re going and if you don’t know anything about people it’s like a terrible kind of darkness.

Jan 15, Pages. There is also a commensurate amount of character-driven homophobia, and this feels like that rare case where knowing about the author’s personal life – Cheever’s famous bisexuality – helps explain something that would otherwise be a flaw. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The word ‘stranger’ recurs throughout the story. Sep 08, Sandy rated it did not like it. The target is the son of a local resident, undistinguished except for his smug racism, boredom and moderate alcohol and drug dependency.