How do you write a truly gripping thriller about people staring into computer screens? Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Leave it to Deaver, the. The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author of The Skin Collector and The Bone Collector featuring popular. Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector, now turns to the labyrinthine world of.

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But the vehicle turned out to be a white Ford Explorer with a young couple inside. Der Kampf Hacker gegen Hacker beginnt!

The Blue Nowhere Book Summary and Study Guide

This may be a reflection of this book now being a bit dated — I think we can all agree, people are better educated in regards to technology than they were fifteen or so years ago — or it could just be that Jeffery Deaver felt jefrery was necessary to explain every single detail.

An exceptionally excellent standalone. When a sadistic hacker, code-named Phate, sets his sights on Silicon Valley, his victims never know what hit them. Overall this novel is a little light weight, but was quick and fun to read if you need a jefffery.

Deaver’s work I was forced to get something else from the library. There is a killer on the loose in Silicon Valley and he’s not like any other killer out there. Deaver admids in the acknowledgements that the experts he consulted were dubious about the way it is supposed to work.

About how women can protect themselves. Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. I have read 3 and working on another one. By now, most of the terms aren’t used anymore. Probably my favorite Jeffrey Deaver Novel. Then Phate delivers a huge blow, murdering one of the division’s computer wizards and the search takes on a zealous intensity. Even though technology is advancing so rapidly in our time, this book still feels relevant.


He doesn’t seem familiar but he knows your past, your job, your hobbies and your ex-boyfriend’s name. I’d forgotten how much I like his books. One, why is the hero of a computer thriller always a crook? Still, Deaver writes well, and his characters show some depth. I was concerned that it dealt with technical computer issues and was published 17 years ago. I find it ironic and creepy at the same time that the first murdered victim shown in book is Lara Gibson, which is dubbed as a woman who really knows how to take care of herself in a big city.

A man who can rip away the thin carapace protecting the secrets of your life – before ending it. Of course, the use of floppy disks is rather outdated!

Masterminds Crime writers are a collegiate bunch. As you would expect of a Deaver novel, it is full of twists and turns, and it will keep you hooked to the last page.

Several others in the story seem less so, but some vagueness is necessary since almost everyone is a potential suspect as Phate’s accomplice Shawn.

The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver – Books – Hachette Australia

A killer tracks his victims through their virtual world bue Deaver’s powerful standalone thriller. One of them is a killer while the other resides in prison.

Plotting fair, but too much expository filler, and all the “social engineering” stuff was annoying.

To put the information into IP packets, given control of a router, would not be particularly difficult. But the sheer joy of the story, with some incredible twists here and there, kept us entertained throughout. There’s an unnecessary subplot about Wyatt trying to get back his estranged ex-wife that goes nowhere. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! E’ proprio uno di loro, dal noehere Phate, desver si inserisce nel computer della vittima prescelta violandone la vita e poi, con tutte le informazioni necessarie alla mano, la uccide.

Visit his website, www. With the combat jacket and wig on. He infiltrates their computers, invades their lives, and — with chilling precision — lures them to their deaths. A brilliant programmer, a cracker someone who breaks into another computer to do damage as opposed to a hacker who just breaks in to poke around for the thrill of beating the system is killing people and the Computer Crimes Unit relaizes they are in way over the The ” nowhere” represents online space, that world of electrons seaver hackers and unline freaks lose themselves in.


Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! The most amusing thing about reading this book in is that it’s ten years old and most, if not all, of the computer-based science and hacking and Internet lingo used bluf the characters is now outdated. Little does our convicted felon know, our hacker killer has his eyes set on him to be the next victim. What results is a hacker-on-hacker escalation where hackers try to one-up bleu other in a series of social engineering and hacking operations.

A great edge-of-your-seat cyberspace thriller by Deaver! The climax becomes a battle of skills between the killer, Phate, and the hacker from jail, Gillette. nohwere

He lives in North Carolina. Phate leans that his old cyber crony searches for him turning this into a hacker’s duel to the death.

The Blue Nowhere | Book by Jeffery Deaver | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

You didnt kno Absolutely horrendous. Company Careers Sitemap Report a Vunerability. A man ddaver you. The identity of this ally, Shawn, comes as a complete and very satisfying surprise. They know he has an agenda and their aim is to get to him before he kills again. The police are after a hacker by the name of Phate who is hacking into people’s computers, finding out information about them and then killing them and his assistant Shawn.

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