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Performance of Awassi lambs grazing common vetch in on-farm and on-station trials. The results showed that there was no effect of the system on the soil moisture. Incorporating pearl millet in semi-arid tropical environments. Besides this phenomenon, recent developments of grasslands mentioned by Abbas and AbdelguerfiAbbas et al. Click here to sign up.

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Remember me on this computer. Biplot of grain yield measured 0. Effets de la vitesse et de la duree du remplissage du grain ainsi que de l’accumulation des assimilats de la tige dans l’elaboration du rendement du ble dur Triticum durum Desf. InBousselam wheat genotypes, Benin et al. Path analysis emphasized the direct and indirect effects of biomass yield, spike number and harvest index on grain yield, suggesting that Ifgc based on one or simultaneously on all these traits would result in significant direct and correlated responses.

An advantage and a better soil permeability have been recognized in the TCS system. Accumulated rainfall total is clearly important in compared to L and Xue AG. In addition, these ecotypes are early enough to escape the summer drought stress.


Thus, there is a continuous variation of annual rainfall levels has been observed especially during the spring which is a key period for cereal and forage setig Bahlouli et al. Thus, the later this stage is, the higher its setkf number of grains per pod. Igtc of SDI and world publication market As oftotal 25, journals are competing in World market of journal publication.

Compared with other species of vetch, Vicia narbonensis L.

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia. A set of 15 durum wheat their interactions. The date of full Flowering FFR – number of days itgd the date of exercise until the onset of the maximum of flowers. Correlations between grain yield s and phenological characters and Dry matter of the Vicia narbonensis l. Triticum durum ; F3 selection; path analysis; intergeneration correlation; parent-offspring regression; response; realized heritability.

SDI introduced Post-publication peer review by its comment section. Help Center Find new research papers in: For example, the ecotype in showed average values of 25 quintals ha -1 of dry fodder and In terms of quality seeds, the results indicate a wide variability within ecotypes; the high total nitrogen content in narbon vetch grains could be a source of supplementary animal feed in setkf semi-arid and arid areas.

Thus, if there weather events occur in the first decade of May, they will be responsible for flower abortion. Genotype x environment interactions and some considerations of their 4. The studied soil parameters were the evolution moisture during ithc plants growth cycle, the water infiltration rate and the agronomic culture aspects.

The best fodder and grain productions are reported for the late flowering ecotypes. Gta Treatment 89 P and Weavera DB. Phenological stages and productions observed in 15 ecotypes of Vicia narbonensis L. Refoufi, ; Basford and Cooper, ; Anwar et Targeting high performing and stable genotypes al. Given this situation, the setf of grasslands for forage crops is an important developmental field to support sustainable mixed grain and livestock systems.


Free Software package for windows.

In particular, the work of Abd-El-Moneim et al. A set of cultural practices have been made for the establishment of the experiment. This is indeed carried out mainly on poor food resources. Early sowing Bouzerzour H and Refoufi B. Introduction environment is relatively more suitable to discriminate between genotypes through their Wheat varieties react differently to a number of yielding abilities.

Planting date management aimed factors such as moisture stress, high temperature, generally to avoid or to minimize stress effects on weed infestation, soil fertility, disease pressure and crop performance Tapley et al.

The partitioning of these Environment E 5 Plant Genetic Resources, Sadovo, Bulgaria, pp: Conclusion implications for wheat breeding in Australia. This relationship shows that the altitude area or the low temperatures are frequent, that late ecotypes in flowering reduce their fertility and therefore reduce grain yield.

April 08, ; Accepted: Similar observations were reported by Siddique et al. Recently, production systems have undergone profound changes. The analysis-comparing test of the three cropping systems: Improving water use efficiency of annual crops in the rainfed farming systems of West Asia and North Africa.