INŽINERINĖ GEODEZIJA, UAB INŽINERINIAI TYRINĖJIMAI FILIALASCompany’s director, contacts, creditworthiness and many other information about. Phone, Suggest a phone number Inžinerinė geodezija. Concentration or Major. Posts about Inžinerinė geodezija. There are no stories available. About. UAB”Topometra” · February 5, ·. Inžinerinė geodezija. Untitled Album. 3 Photos · No automatic alt text available. Image may contain: indoor.

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Sum of debt of companies-employers is divided by a number of companies, which have at least one employee.

Other economic and financial books. Economy, finance, management Law Medicine. Which debts are calculated?

DIX – its total debt of all companies-employers, divided by a number of companies, which have at least one employee. Why the debt is divided by a number of employers instead of a number of employees?

Inžinerinė geodezija — Jadvyga Stepanovienė | Humanitas

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Pattern Design for Homes. Other technological sciences books Informatics Energy and thermal engineering Environmental engineering and landscape management Transport engineering Civil geldezija Electrical engineering and electronics.

Inzinerins Out Subject Objects designing and their design. Other economic and financial books Public administration Business and management Marketing, advertising Finance and accounting Economy.

Join us on Facebook. Username Password Remember Me. Employers debt index DIX.

It only makes sense to compare data from the same day of month. DIX index methodology is open and available for anyone interested. Older than 30 days debts are more interesting in risk evaluation. Borgner, Botond Japan Architectural and Cultural Employers debt index DIX sum of debt of companies-employers, divided by a number of companies, which have at least one employee is calculated daily based on SODRA provided data.

Other technological sciences books.


Comparison of DIX values of the same month days characterizes overall economic state and seasonal fluctuations. Publicly available, initial, nohow interpreted information, which everybody can see on www. Add to wish list. Art technology and performance.


Inžinerinė geodezija

DIX indicates companies’ ability to pay taxes. Japan Architectural and Cultural Guide. According to the standing practice, SODRA announces a new debtors list days after 15th day of every month – final term geoeezija tax collection. Frequently asked questions Why employers debt index?