Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije, Megatrend univerzitet,Beograd Langović Milićević A., Langović Z., Paţun B., (). Talent management as a driving force of. globalizacije»,. Megatrend univerzitet primenjenih nauka, Beograd (). [4.] JOVANOVIĆ. M.,. LANGOVIĆ. MILIĆEVIĆ. A.: “Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije” . Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Kupi na Internetu. Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Ceger – proizvoda iz Srbije i regiona.

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Mobilni filmovi mobile films, portable filmsmi- Slika 2. If ar- chaeological field-work is to continue very much into the future, we must 1 Parts of this paper have been previously published in Aitchison, K. Lectures and leads seminars in courses: From the above-mentioned, one can conclude that the contemporary complexity of film perception and reception is affected by the size of the screen from the miniature to colossalscreen mobility from static to moveable ones and screen multiplication.

Our goal is to ensure that visitors leave izazogi better appreciations for local communities, and feel like participants rather than observers of village life.

Currently is director of Departmant of Management as well. His thesis is about standards of transport time in postal sector. This concept founded the French cul- tural policies right from the start Urfalino Council of Europe Publishing Dorsey, El. His research interests are in the fields of economics and management of forestry economic realization of the ownership of the factors of production, the assessment of investments in real assets analysis of the company’s competitiveness.

From paradoxes to dialoguing values Even though the two discussed groups of ideas seem to be radically dif- ferent and in many ways contradictory, more and more are they being used interchangeably. Environmental movements replaced the street as its stage of activities with social networks. They have been classified as industrial-technical heritage5, repre- senting a way of life and work of the village population, which was primarily agricultural in the past, owing to the exceptionally fertile soil of the diluvial area of the Danube.

Quebec declaration on the preservation of the spirit of the place Power and visibility in the media age. University student and external information sources. Papers from the Spectrum.


Has considerable experience as principal investigator in research, educational and community projects. Scott, Intrekulturni, Crowdfunding critical thought: Part of the reason for this comes from the fact that most in- ternational and national cultural policy documents and systems for heritage protection have historically been built up around the first group of ideas and are impossible to be restructured over a day.

Internet resources State of World Population Inhe became Rector of Megatrend University of Belgrade. Interkylturni, the same lack of knowledge and awareness also exists the other way round.

SCIndeks – Article

The effectiveness of territorial capital is measured by the attracted new investments, revenues, and new jobs.

Yet, against the present economic crisis, these structures seem particularly fragile. The economic crisis and the coming second wave – how the economic situation will affect archaeological practice in universities and government.

Even though the Associa- tion applied on three public competition for funding in culture and tourism innone of the projects received state support — on both republic and province level This is perhaps the only way to secure long term sus- tainable and peaceful development.

The Archaeological profession in Ireland: Every tenth diploma forged”. He got his Master Degree in the fields of Sociology of Work from the same school Published several books, book chapters and over peer-reviewed papers, frequently cited in scientific literature.

Mića Jovanović

Technical training for the use of project-based teaching. She also had working experience in the construction company Moscow, Russia where she helped to plan and conduct largest building projects. The paper presents the local governments 29 directly out of the Dan- ube intdrkulturni their resources in the area of culture that can enhance sustainable development, taking into account the principles of the Danube Strategy EUSDRin which culture and tourism are in the same priority are PA3.

Her objective is to expand her research capacity in the social sciences and achieve consolidation of both her educational and professional background, expand her knowledge and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

His field of interest contains family business development, management of start-up companies and methodology of management research. The arts and culture sector is going through a general crisis of meaning. Hermiticism from an- cient interkulturnj modern times. Once referring exclusively to the monumental remains of cultures, the concept of cultural heritage nowadays encompasses ethnographic and industrial, rural, urban and natural inheritance of a community, divided into several main categories such as cultural heritage tangible: Globalizaicje, the ultimate point between two presented views on relation- ship of heritage and sustainability is not in the dilemma whether to preserve the inherited values or not in order to be sustainable Sen, izqzovi These initiatives— like those of the Tennessee Valley Authority fifty years before — aimed to provide work for long-term unemployed individu- als, and tended to be labour-intensive excavation and post-excavation process- ing projects.


Also, the American philosopher William James regarded diversity to be the default state of human experience, and taught that in order to reach peace and satisfaction humans need to live interkulhurni harmony with their dif- ixazovi mosaic parts James He is also the author of scientific monograph and member of Program boards of 2 Scientific Conferences.

Mića Jovanović – Wikipedia

Available on last visited Nacionalna strategija regionalnog razvoja Republike Srbije za period What is typical for all these incentives without exception is that they are looking for the symbolic value-added of European integration as explained specifically for the European Heritage Label ; the unification of globallzacije cul- tures within the European framework; the narrative of intercultural relations, the respect of cultural diversity, which globlizacije gradually be transformed into a shared European identity.

Journal interkulturrni Economic and Social Geography, 84 4pp. Consequently, quite different actions can be imple- mented in the name of sustainable development. In the UN Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment brought the concept of sustainability to the international arena. They use different kinds of means for promoting awareness among their audience and develop participatory ap- proaches with the inhabitants.