Name of instrument/First year sold/Where designed, IMMULITE XPi Immunoassay System//U.S.. Country where manufactured/Where reagents. Name of instrument, Immulite XPi Immunoassay System. Type of instrument , immunoassay. Operational type/Model type, batch, random access. Technical Specifications. Answers for life. IMMULITE XPi Immunoassay System. Software Upgrades. • AutoStart allows you to automate or run on demand.

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Liphook Equine hospital remains the only laboratory internationally with valid ACTH reference ranges available for every week of the year, allowing greater accuracy of interpretation. Join our lab Facebook group.

Ensaio de TSI IMMULITE 2000/2000 XPi

The evaluation protocol consisted of within-run imprecision 20 sequential runsbetween-run imprecision 16 workdayscomparison of serum and plasma measurement and method comparison. Correlation of serum versus heparin samples showed a correlation of 0.

Method comparison showed good correlation when samples were measured on two different Immulite analyzers in two different hospital laboratories [0. This entry is filed under Laboratory and tagged laboratorymedicine.


It is well recognised that different assays and analysers generally immulife different results, and even the change from Immulite to Immulite xpi is no different in this respect. What our clients say.

Subscribe to our Podcasts. In this study we investigated the performance characteristics of this new aCCP test in four different hospital laboratories and compared the new test with three different commercially available platforms.

Drivers – Siemens IMMULITE XPi | MedWrench

Our driving ethos at Liphook has always been to stay ahead of the game and offer the latest and best to all of our laboratory users. Liphook Equine Hospital Laboratory. RA is a potentially crippling disease since it results in malformation of the joints.

The presence of aCCP antibodies is strongly associated with a more severe, destructive disease course. Samples were collected from patients presented to the hospital for aCCP measurement.

We felt that as reference intervals for ACTH at least are about to change with the season in any case, this was the best time to implement this change.


RA is mostly diagnosed based on clinical manifestations but serological tests against autoantibodies, such as rheumatoid factor and anti-cyclic citrullinated peptides aCCP immulite, are available.

These new analysers allow greater precision, accuracy and throughput and, given that we have duplicate machines, this means that we can guarantee uninterrupted output of results even in the unlikely event of a machine malfunction. We have spent xpl past 6 months validating the new analysers and re-establishing appropriate cutoffs for diagnostic use and so you will see slight differences on forthcoming laboratory reports.