(file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). Expand view. File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it. An irresistible tome from the insurrectionist theoretician, Hakim Bey. His incendiary words are beautifully illustrated by the renowned collage artist Freddie Baer. A collection of relatively short essays all circling around a specific subject: immediatism, in both senses of the word; both as immediate, now.

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America is full to overflowing with people who feel that no matter what they say or do, no difference will be made; that no one is listening; that there is no one to listen.

Immediatism | AK Press

There is no totality for if there was, spaces of resistance wouldn’t exist. All mess, all riot of color, all protoplasmic urgency, all movement —is chaos. Squee rated it really liked it Oct 22, No gifts, only commodities.

We offer the chance for art which is immediately present by virtue of the fact that it can exist only in our presence. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser.

An Unbridgeable ChasmMurray Bookchin included Wilson’s work as Bey in what he called ” lifestyle anarchism “, which he criticized Wilson’s writing for tendencies towards mysticismoccultismand irrationalism. Bert rated it really liked it Jul 26, What Hakim Bey calls “alternative sexuality” is in fact only old patriarchy—the man with the beard expressing his power through penetration. Immediatis, in this sense has always been camouflaged and repressed throughout the whole of High History, but has never entirely vanished from our lives.


In this collection of essays, Bey expounds upon his ideas concerning radical social reorganization and the liberation of desire.

Peter Lamborn Wilson – Wikipedia

Peter Lamborn Wilson also writes under the pseudonym Hakim Bey. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In this sense we say that Immediatism is a picnic a conviviality but is not easy —that it is most natural for free spirits but that it is dangerous.

I try to immedistism it as Sufi allegory, a hidden parable somewhere in all the porn, like Ibn ‘Arabi’s poems about Nizam or Rumi’s donkey-sex story. A family trust fund enables him to live in a state he terms “independently poor”.

All spectators must also be performers. Apart from the ugly zahir meaning, the surface-level interpretation, there could be a secret batin meaning, and the boys aren’t really boys but personifications of Divine Names. However this assumes a collective one dimensional meaning as stated and assumes that meaning can be possessed, whereas its actually enacted.



But it haki look good. May 02, Trey Lane rated it it was amazing. We know so much—how can we not know the answer to this most vexing of questions? The crystalline perfections of Civilization and Revolution cease to interest us when we have experienced them both as forms of War, variations on that tired old Babylonian Con, the myth of Scarcity.

Peter Lamborn Wilson

The sheer existence of Immediatism is already an insurrection. Immediatism Hakim Bey Limited preview – Hakom a good meal could be an Immediatist art project, especially if everyone present cooked as well as ate. Lists with This Book. Books by Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Let me be your wandering bishop. Post-anarchismindividualist anarchism [1]. Recorded music is not appropriate. Ontological Anarchy in a Nutshell.

The best games will make little or no use of obvious forms of hhakim such as photography, recording, printing, etc. Paco Nathan rated it it was amazing Oct 13,