DOCAN//4 MANUAL OF AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT Organization of t h e Investigation e n t i t l e d t o appoint an (Doc. ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex, Cairo. ICAO DOC Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigations Ed 4. This manual provides information and guidance on the procedures, practices and techniques . The digest is intended to complement the ICAO Manual of Aircraft Accident .. Accident Investigation (Doc ), investigators must possess a sound working.

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Contribute to the development, implementation and proper use of non-punitive safety programmes. To identify cases where pilots have been judged criminally liable following an accident.


To monitor proposals by airlines and other corporate bodies to establish programmes designed to solicit written pilot reports on a spectrum of observed operational problems and safety deficiencies, e. Location of the flight recorder installations in the aircraft, their condition on recovery and pertinent data available therefrom.

It is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability. To identify to the Principal Officers any specific AA-related policies which require special implementation action.

Brief statement of the damage sustained by aircraft in the accident destroyed, substantially damaged, slightly damaged, no damage. Brief description of the results of the investigation undertaken and pertinent data available therefrom.

A proposal of the accident investigation authority of the State conducting the investigation, based on information derived from the investigation, made with the intention of preventing accidents or incidents. Pertinent information ddoc aeronautical mobile and fixed service communications and their effectiveness.

ICAO Annex 13 Appendix

An occurrence, other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft which affects or could affect the safety of operation. General information on the site of the accident and the distribution pattern of the wreckage; detected material failures or component malfunctions. A brief narrative giving the following information:. State of the Operator. An incident involving circumstances indicating that an accident nearly occurred.


To provide guidelines for Accident Investigators when examining the human factors aspects of accidents. Relevant information not already included in 1. The State having jurisdiction over the organization responsible for the type design.

The information could include, but not be limited to, organizational structure and functions, resources, economic status, management policies and practices.

To update the Committee on accreditations approved since the last meeting. Accredited investigators should view AA Committee meetings as continued training and should endeavour to attend as often as possible. Maintenance-related accidents or incidents. Following the title is a synopsis describing briefly all relevant information regarding:.

Actions, omissions, events, conditions, or a combination thereof, which led to the accident or incident. Pertinent information concerning the organizations and their management involved in influencing the operation of the aircraft. Contribute to the development of State and industry standards, practices, procedures and associated materials with regard to accident, serious incident and incident investigation.

Pertinent information associated with the aerodrome, its facilities and condition, or with the take-off or landing area if other than an aerodrome. The Final Report begins with a title comprising:.

Brief description of damage sustained by objects other than the aircraft. A person designated by a State, on iao basis of his or her qualifications, for the purpose of participating in an investigation conducted coc another State. New guidelines on re-accreditation were proposed in Continue to review for possible amendments that the Committee deems to be necessary. A process conducted for the purpose of accident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations.

VOR, visual ground aids, etc. Details concerning the location and state of the different pieces of the wreckage are not normally.

The communication used for the prompt dissemination of data obtained during the early stages of the investigation. Serious injury is defined in Chapter 1 of the Annex. The hit list was introduced during with an initial group of five safety issues regarded as having the highest priority.



Assess investigations into accidents, serious incidents and incidents for completeness including compliance with ICAO Annex 13 and the implementation of preventative safety recommendations. The purpose of the next two agenda items is to highlight specific airplane and helicopter accidents or serious incidents, monitor the investigation, review the final report and dov trends or issues that foc IFALPA involvement either through direct action from the AA Committee or through referrals to other Committees.

An occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight until such time as all such persons have disembarked, in which:. Contact Us Head Office: The State having jurisdiction over the organization responsible for the final assembly of the aircraft.

A person appointed by a State, on the basis of his or her qualifications, for the purpose of assisting its accredited representative in an investigation. Acknowledge and and honour outstanding contributions of individuals. The State in which the operator’s principal place of business is located or, if there is no such place of business, the operators permanent residence.

Provide expert advice to the Executive Board and, on their request, contribute to the work of other Committees and interested parties. The list of causes should include both the immediate and the deeper systemic causes.

This list was reviewed in June If not and if of any bearing on the accident give details. Diagrams, charts and photographs may be included in this section or attached in the Appendices. Any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against do earth’s surface.