I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. There is a great resource called the GP IBOK that is a must have the original author had to remove it due to copywrite claims but you can.

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Submit a new link. Be sure to subscribe to the SurvivalistBoards YouTube channel Would you like to see better stuff offered in the contest? All Ruger stainless guns also have stainless steel internal parts. Often the factory leaves the back surface hp100 flat area around the trigger guard latch hole longer than it should be. There are a few Youtube videos of the process This guy’s is pretty good https: If you slip off the plunger it will launch so be careful.

It looks much better and is much easier to read and follow. Would you like to see better stuff offered in the contest?

Insert the trigger pivot pin while pulling the follower out. The hammer strut is a stamped ibbok that typically has very sharp edges. Thank you very, very much for posting bp100.

Make sure the retaining pin is flush on both sides. DA trigger pull is normally 14 lbs. Put a drop of oil on the short slotted end of the ejector rod part Once the trigger is out, you ibko dress the high spots on the sides ibko the trigger or the inside of the struts.


As for ammo, they’re bore sighted with gr at the factory, so that tends to be the best shooter. You can chamfer the mouth of the chambers with an 8 degree reamer. Apply a few drops of oil along the hammer spring. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Pull the trigger back slightly, apply a drop of oil to the transfer bar lug then insert the transfer bar part 42 into the hole opposite the pawl.

After completing all the work outlined, I was amazed at the result and would do it to any Ruger revolver that I own in the future. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a IBOK? Mon Dec 03, Afterward I gave it a good wet cleaning in clean Kerosene, followed by a good oiling and it was ready to go. After the parts have been cleaned, insert the ejector from the rear and the spring and center pin rod from the front.

Ruger has made significant improvements in many of their designs, such as the Mini, which used to suffer from accuracy problems. GPRuger Revolvers.


When the pivot pin is fully seated, the pin will be flush with the inside surface of the crane. Info for new GP owners, including video review. Sort of a more in depth owners manual. Apply a drop of oil to the plunger. Find all posts by pdude. I was impressed with the way she handled the error. I received the GP pdf this morning. My truck driver brother was on this forum the other day igok asks me daily if I have asked for this iok.

Using valve grinding compound and a cloth patch hand powered on a cleaning rod works best. SA sear releases the hammer.


Page 1 of 7. Late carry-up could allow the gun to fire before the cylinder is locked. When pushed iibok all the way, the firing pin should protrude. Find all posts by TinmanIA. Next on the shopping list is a holster, possibly a brighter front sight and I’d like to put sharp looking wood grip on it.

The assembly contains the trigger, cylinder latch, transfer bar, pawl, and their associated springs, plungers and pins. Once the pawl is in all the way, position it vertically and allow the trigger to move forward. I would never hesitate to use it as a field gun on hunting trips or for home defense.

When you reassemble, the strut must be installed the same exact way it came out.

Ruger GP Book of Knowledge « Gunner’s Journal

All times are GMT The worst thing you can do with any blued gun is to store them in a leather holster. Again, the latch should drop before the cylinder begins to rotate. And it was a piece of cake to install. Can you try from your end when you get the chance? This guy’s is pretty good https: The Gp is a very very nice revolver, I own one in. Super Redhawk front sights are interchangeable ibokk the GP and have ibol red insert.

Most are fine, but some are rough in some function and even inaccurate — like most of the Minis used to be.