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The object is realized by stating the relationship nora the teller and listener or the author and the reader. It ratnwm be understood, Mercury if alone is” also a benefic. For an easy grasp, have given the meanings as above along with the original terms relating to various houses. For the various planets, tutelary deities are shown in speculum No.

As per Vasishta, only a Brahmin is entitled to study the science of astrology which is holy and secretive.

Hora RatNam – Free Download PDF

The eleventh sign, Aquarius, is a male carrying an empty pot on his shoulder. By auspicious and inauspicious placements of the various planets at the time of birth i.

Here it should be understood that the Sun is the king while the Moon is queen.

The views of Yavana and Bala Bhadra thus defy logic as far as exaltation being treated as the whole sign. Aries is the first sign which resembles a goat in appearance. In the present verses, Bala Bhadra quotes Kasyapa and tells us as to what the Bora branch of astrology consists of Generally the are the subject matters diScussed in various ancient predictive astrology texts arid in that order.

Upachaya houses have the power of repairing damages and causing improvement. Similarly, in debility, the planet has hat is called the degree of deep debilitation and is at its worst.

This way a query chart regarding an event or an expected child-delivery should be handled. Passion is not restricted to the dasa of Venus alone.


Head, face, arms; heart, abdomen, waist, bladder or lower abdomen, pelvisprivities, thighs, knees, shanks and feet denoted respectively by the 12 signs from Aries. The number number of Ayanas, Muhurtas, days, fortnights, months or years will correspond to the lord of the Navamsa ascendant or the number of Navamsas past in the ascendant. The author discusses initially hlra supremacy of the destiny and ultimately establishes the wide utility of horoscopy and the gains through human will.

A horoscope has four basic directions and are strong accordingly.

It has been stated in the work “Shatpancha Sikha” that through the signs, the period, direction and place horx case of stolen articles tatnam be deduced. This instruction can be used in studying an individual horoscope on the same lines as soul etc. Brahmin has been described as one belonging to the first of four original divisions of Hindu traditional body, but often in the present day a layman engaged in non-priestly occupations although the name is said to be strictly applicable to only one who knows and recites the Vedas again and again.

Mars rules a period of one horw. From this; the importance of a planet in deep exaltation degree is established the 7th, from the sign of exaltation is the sign of debility, and the opposite degree of deep exaltation is the degree of deep debilitation.

Should’ the association be mixed in nature, results will be mixed. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo and first half of Sagittarius are biped signs.

[PDF] Hora Ratnam – Free Download PDF

Seershodaya rising with headPrishtodaya rising with back and Ubhayodaya rising with both back and head. His strength is Mars while his speech is Mercury. The principle use of astrology is to know one’s potence and limitations in advance and chalk out his future course accordingly. These are listed below: Signs are male or female in sex, explained in the ensuing verses, which are shown in speculum 9 itself, Observe that all masculine signs are malefic and feminine signs are benefic.

In its exaltation space, the planet has yet a special degree which is called deep degree of exaltation.


Salutation to Lord Ganesa. The nodes attained the status of Grahas and were recognized for their effect-giving powers in ancient Indian astrology. Satya’s view has not specifically included these additional sources of counting as he made a generic expression.

Such “deductions may be made according to the horoscope available, and keeping in view the limbs they rule in the natural zodiac, i. Inauspicious periods should be avoided for journeys. Bala Bhadra does not agree with the view of Badarayana that chest is ruled by Gemini. Mercury gains more strength than Venus. The work Suka Jataka declares that these natural ingredients are born in a person from his soul and the hoga planet will impart its quality upon him.

Book 11. Hora Ratnam 10 No OCR

According to Kalyana Varma, the word “Horan is produced by removing the first and last syllables in the words “Aho-Ratran day and night in, which remain bound are the planets and signs. The lords of 1st, 5th and 9th from a given sign rule the three Drekkanas ‘thereof.

We can understand that planets with dignities hra placement in exaltation sign, Moola Trikona sign, own sign, or friendly hkra can deliver auspicious effects in their dasa periods; planets in debility or in enemy’s sign will in their dasa periods produce inauspicious effects, as can be known through the help of astrology.

Venus rules matters related to passion, sexual desires ‘etc. Bala Bhadra is not right in his disagreement with sage Badarayana, as per the notes under slokas 3 and 4 supra. The lordships of the various signs go to the seven planets as shown in speculum Thus end the views of Yavanesvara upto sloka 27 supra.