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I use at the moment Rev.

Will try it soon! If I double-click the. You must try it. For that, a pulse response characteristic could help. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I thing that control with WEB interface is more comfortable. Hi Thank you for your answers.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

It will pull valve position to physical limit every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have an idea how this can be solved? But we not release any final version. At my home I’ve been controling all my audio and video equipments and also lights per iPhone since one year. SW on PC side have 2 parts: The datasheet is here http: It is near ti impossible reconnect buttons to other pins.

Graphic LCD x64; 2. How you connect “master” ATiny and iPhone? I will describe better current situation: It need complete new protocol, complete different SW layer.

What is the use of this so called “Default-Mode”? Hi, This thread seems a bit quiet recently, maybe, because the weather is still warm and there is not much need for heating. That means, if one heater in my case in the bath-room produces too high temperature in the recirculation tube, the valve closes and also the heater in the the living room gets cold.


Result after average have better precision than is measured overscan. It seems to be a hhr-20e bit tricky. Thanks a lot, Robert.

I forget in “What I can do? It would save me from laying my hands honeywelp every HR20 twice on each holyday: Hi i was quite busy in the last days, bedienungsanleitubg i had no time to answer. The reason for different transceiver is that it works at 2. I want to correct the actual valve position only by driving the valve to the real open position until the motor stops.

It has several new features and supports the latest eeprom layout. It will be fixed very soon.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

Have somebody “master” hardware already? So maybe it will be possible to implement an unidirectional communication over RS for configuration and so on. It need any PC or embeded linux based router it is rlndostat and power efficient But you can create complete another solution, it is your choice and your time. I want to have log file from 10 hours or more integration of controller error is slow Jiri.


OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

However, without testing, I can’t confirm. Den Thread dazu kann der interessierte Leser hier nachlesen.

Hello Jiri, my “partial calibration” was only a thought for a workaround to automatically correct the actual position. The detail of the protocol has not been decided yet. How can I check?

I thought only the direction of the Motor is important when Setting a Valve-Position which is selected by the 4 H-Bridge Transistors next to the Motor i guessbut why is Motorspeed interesting?

Next thing I already started is the wireless remote control of most of the internal and external lights and also some other electronic devices, all with the same RFM12 receivers MHz in my case. The client will also try to receive a wake-up packet from the server, which is of same size. If you will have it, please send me one.