Manufacturer: HITACHI. Model: HI VISION Avius Country of Origin: Japan Warranty: Color ultrasonic machines, sychronously manufactured in Japan, have clear. Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG. Hitachi – HI VISION Avius. Mode: B & M-mode; omnidirectional M-mode; PW and CW Doppler; color and power. Hitachi Medical Systems Europe is the European headquarters of Hitachi. Medical Corporation whose corporate head offices are located in Tokyo,. Japan.

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For Sale HITACHI Avius Ultrasound General Parts P/N Keyboard

Related links to this article 5th Kids Design Award. Beautiful and clear images are pursued with a high-sensitivity broadband probe and Ultra BE Ultrasound Broadband Engine. Research Areas Conference Activity. Ad Statistics Times Displayed: Share your opinion or experience with this equipment – Review this model. Please note that all descriptions in this website avjus to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in Japan as well as other laws and regulations in Japan. Site Top Research Areas Implementing a compact size and high operating functionality to meet the needs of the medical practices.

Copyright and Liability Notice, etc. Offering new and reconditioned ultrasound systems, transducers, parts and service nationwide from machines to transducers, C-arms aviis more! Hitachi Group Corporate Information. Hutachi applications support your examinations and diagnosis. The essential buttons are positioned in concentric circles to fit in the palm of the hand, allowing speedy operation for doctors who cannot look at their hands.


Implementing a compact size and high operating functionality to meet the needs of the medical practices.

DOTmed cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. Smart Application Versatile applications support your examinations and diagnosis. There are various pieces of essential examination equipment aviu hospitals such as CT scans and MRI’s etc.

The circuits employed by [Avius] were totally renewed by collective efforts of the Hitachi group. Only your Nickname and photo, if you use one will identify you — no personal or company information will appear. This product is an ultra sound examination device that can be used in obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics; and it also even has uses in emergency medicine and surgery.

The decisive factors of high image quality are the probe, an ultrasound sensor, and the digital signal processing circuit. These are Smart Applications intended for performing examinations speedily and accurately. Hitachi Group Corporate Information. Moreover, the interface was considered to reduce the fatigue of doctors and surgeons who see many patients per day.

Aviuss Nickname can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, underscores and periods. The system architecture front-end and back-end and avuus are all renewed to enable higher definition images than ever before.

Slim design hitavhi materialized based on the needs at the clinical sites. Insights Laboratory Artificial Intelligence. Sign In or Register. Advertise Increase Your Brand Awareness. The content may recently have been changed or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields.



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Want to make a correction? The entire body is round creating a charming form, while keeping the base color as white, it also incorporates smile yellow and blue, creating a friendly impression for every patient in any setting that it is used. Redstone Healthcare – Exceptionalism is what we do.

It can be used in bedside and other space limited examination environments. Model names, specifications and configurations of products in overseas market outside Japan may be different by the countries. Pure Image The decisive factors of high image quality are the probe, an ultrasound sensor, and the digital signal processing circuit. It packages many of Hitachi’s industry-leading imaging features into one affordable and mobile system.

Please do not use this information for patient care.

Used HITACHI Hi Vision Avius OB / GYN – Vascular Ultrasound For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

Your 1 Source For Everything Ultrasound! Description Specifications Model Rating Not Rated Rate This Model Now The Avius is a mid-tier ultrasound system designed to maximize space and utility without compromising nitachi quality Avius is engineered to deliver the high-performance imaging techniques previously reserved for only the most expensive ultrasound systems. Presently, there is limited space in hospitals for examination rooms and wards. This website includes information intended for healthcare professionals.