Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu SCEADU MANUAL Ask question. Description. SCEADU MANUAL. Browse this category: Shuttle Sceadu . Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL. Browse this category: Sceadu Evolution. Beyond Sceadu!! SDX 50HPM kit. This swashplate accepts 90°HPM,. °SWM, and °SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50/90 size models.

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Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual Page 48

Don’t forget to locktite the screws! Any time that I have had a question and have emailed mmanual called Jeff, the response has always been prompt and accurate. New larger pulleys allow stronger belt contact under the severest of conditions.

See photo references for additional clarification. The rods between hrobo Z lever and the elevator control lever are The helicopter was further developed finally into a 90 size version.

Some other highlights of the Evolution were push-pull linkages, two-piece flybar paddles with adjustable weights and a longer-than-normal tail boom so mm-long main blades could be used. Comments on RCU Review: This is where all the sub assemblies we built come together.

The most important thing here is to mind the orientation of the thrust bearings, the bearing assemblies that bear the centrifugal or outward pulling force created by the spinning rotor blades. At some point during the rotation you will feel the guide hit the guide pins.


Head block and grips. Great Planes Model Distributors N. The rods between the Z lever and the aileron bell crank are Elevator see saw hiorbo.

  DS 2DF1 514 PDF

Remember there are two different length ball stand offs. Airbrushing — Take Your Painting To. Lubricate the spindle with silicon grease it should still be in one of the grips.

Cyclic response was positive but sluggish with the weights installed. Nothing special here, build the tail boom supports as shown in the book. With the rear mounted tail servo, sceaxu EVO tends to be a bit tail heavy so I wanted the battery as far forward as I could get it.

This does two things. However demand for the shuttle was such that the two ended up running concurrently though the Sceadu was mostly bought in the ’50’ size.

New heavy duty, front electronics tray with encapsulated foam lined battery box!! We also highly recommend that an experienced rc helicopter pilot checks out your model before its first flight and be with you to teach you how to fly hirovo model.

First it prevents an air bubble from forming in the epoxy and lets the excess out so you can easily wipe it off. The push pull elevator control rods. Clutch start shaft can cause vibration problems if not aligned properly. The redesigned fuel tank held more fuel, and was secured between the frames by four rubber feet thus isolating sceau from vibration.

Study the manual carefully, highlight the notes and follow the build sequence here and you won’t have any problems. I wave the heat over an area and go over it with the paper towel to push it down and set the adhesive.


The X levers are marked L and R, so be sure to put everything where it belongs. This will get any mold release and fingerprint oil or grease off the canopy maanual well as your hands. Fan is factory drilled to accept magnet for a throttle governor. New heavier duty blade grips with a 4mm blade bolt are standard for the ultimate in reliability.

Tighten one set screw, remove the other, locktite it and reinstall it then do remove and locktite the first one, be sure scead do this to both paddles. I’ve found that the stock clunk line included with most kits does not hold up well to mqnual pressure from 30 percent helicopter fuel.

hirobo sceadu evo 30 combo set up sheet for use with mrc |

This will save the occasional frame break down to replace stripped spacers and means less total screws. Funnels were solid and predictable; the helicopter tracked like it was on rails through loops and rolls. Install the boom supports and the fin set. The redesigned fuel tank held more fuel, and was secured between the frames by four rubber feet thus isolating it from vibration.

The Proto-Z is a Blast of micro-sized fun!