HFBRZ Broadcom / Avago Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers Versatile Link Vert 5MBd Tx RoHS datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The HFBR- 15xx transmitters incorporate a GaAsP LED HFBR, , , , Receivers: . 4, 4 minute cycles each X, Y, Z. Terminal Strength. HFBR-X5XXETZ. 1 = Transmitter. 2 = Receiver. ET = extended temperature range. Z = RoHS compliant. 5 = nm Transmitter and. Receiver Products.

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Please search our website by the Avago part number for additional design information at: Start display at page:. Legacy parts will undergo obsolescence 5.

Cost effective driver ICs are available from many suppliers, and these application notes will demonstrate easy integration of these ICs into a transmitter circuit. D 3 hours soak in UV fluorescent dye at 90 psi. They have to be ac coupled to a comparator or quantizer circuitry to provide digital logic levels I. Features High PD sensitivity optimized for red light Data: Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

Avago fiber optic components for Industrial, Automotive and Consumer applications are available in nm and nm wavelengths, and in discrete forms. Standard POF with 0.

Information about Avago is available on the Web at For product information and a complete list of distributors, please go to our web site: Overview Models HP 0. Plastic Optic Fiber POF enables low cost applications with the advantages of optical data transmission; perfect for automotive, industrial and consumer markets. It allows precise and reliable control of test facilities and units.


Backed by strong customer service support, the company s products serve four diverse end markets: Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Networks: Agilent assumes no failure mechanism change between stress and use conditions. Our technicians also have.

The application notes describe cost-effective solutions for digital fiber optic data communication links that are compatible with TTL logic for different data rate up to MBd. Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies.

It allows precise and reliable control of test hfbt and units More information.

Industrial Fiber Optic Components and Accessories. Selection Guide – PDF

Failure Criteria Failure has occurred when the unit fails catastrophically, or when the light output power decreases 3 dB. E-Catalog integrates search function to your excess stock in Stock Trading Center, offering you a total web solution. Firstly, the buyer will place several orders at profitable price as a bait. This confidence interval is based on the statistics of the distribution of failures.

For a duplex connector, two nonlatching simplex connectors can be snapped together. This microprocessor-based, More information. Cable Discharge Event 1.


Industrial Fiber Optic Components and Accessories. Selection Guide

hfvr Simplex connectors are color coded to facilitate identification of transmitter and receiver connections. These receivers have TTL outputs dc coupled and can be used with arbitrary timing no duty factor restriction. After several deals, they will request NET payment terms for the coming transactions.

HFBR,Receivers: Along with this cable having a stronger durability More information.

Duplex connectors are keyed so that proper orientation is ensured during insertion. All connectors provide a snap-in action when mated to Versatile Link components.

Table gfbr shows available results on other reliability tests. Fundamentals of Digital Fiber Optic Links The following reference designs concentrate on links built with Avago s nm and nm 151 optic components. Reliability Prediction Model The reliability prediction model used to project failure rate and mean time to failure MTTF at various temperatures shown in the second table assumes an exponential cumulative failure function constant failure rate.