Heatcraft Refrigeration product brochures, technical handbooks and installation Sales Brochures · Catalogs & Price Lists · Installation and Operations Manuals . Title: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft AUS Product Catalogue, Length: pages, Page: 1. Title: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Author: Kirby HVAC&R Pty Ltd, Name: Heatcraft Tool Sale catalogue , Length: 12 pages, Page.

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Heatcraft Fan Blade. If this selection process enables the choice of models L or P, without dimensional prerequisites, choose the least expensive model.

Calaméo – Friga Bohn (Heatcraft Europe) Product Catalogue

Reduced sound pressure level perceived by neighborhood. If you wish to submit your comment without an email address, please click “Give Feedback” Email Address. This option is always proposed with the controller wired: Heatcraftreservesitselftherighttomakechangesatanytimewithoutpreliminarynotice-Photosnon-contractual Compressor rack Other configurations Specially adapted to suit dimensional, acoustic and energy efficiency constraints.

Reduced air pressure drop optimizing energy catalogke.

Energy efficiency Low noise level Environment. MXW – Axial fan condenser 2. Safety No sharp or cutting edges.

Only the selection software, at your disposal on simple request, will allow you to select the dry cooler which suits the best your needs. When delivered not fitted, the cable connecting the enclosure to the unit is provided by the installer.

The coil becomes accessible for easy cleaning by simply removing the two panel cataloguw. All prices are retail prices VPM option Defrost for low-temperature applications: All models are equipped with a speed controller to guarantee optimum control of the condensation pressure.


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RPC HP digital controller not fitted. It meets the quality assurance criteria of ISO R 4,23 mm MUC S Axial fans 9 mm NW The condenser may be installed on a refrigeration rack to limit the footprint. Motors supplied factory wired and connected to reduce installation time. View Products 8 Products. Evacuation of condensation on left or right side. The modules are composed of two coils easily removable for easy maintenance.

Training in the use of CO2 equipment. Compact unit, 2 coils in “V” configuration to optimize the footprint in the machine room. Tous les prix sont des prix publics The sound pressure level Lp indicated in the characteristics tables was measured at 10 metres, direct line of sight on a reflective surface in compliance with standard EN parallelepiped reference surface.

Refer to the correction chart for selection of a low-speed unit. M Axial fans 12 mm NW Use durable and high-quality Heatcraft contactors and relays to replace broken and worn-out parts in your yeatcraft or bar’s refrigeration equipment.

Noise levels d d d d d Noise level LpA: Simple transformation into a wall-mounted model. RPC Control of condensation pressure. Selecting a good quality compressor, such as a Dorin SemiHermetic, and maintaining regular servicing will deliver optimum performance and efficiency over the life of the refrigeration system. Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 1-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 2-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant 3-year warranty parts and labour excluding refrigerant To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment.


One single craning required multi-circuits configuration. Ventilation VPS Blower deflector vanes. In addition, SilenTop hides fans and acts as acoustic enclosure. CMU Motor factory wired. Our fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service make WebstaurantStore the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs.

CMU Motors factory wired. Maintenance Easy access to the coil rendering maintenance easier. R 4,23 mm SD If electrical power consumption is a key factor, give preference to the MEC option.

Recommended with frequent start sequences more than 30 start sequences per hour or when a speed controller is used. Possibility of placing the door in hood position for easy access during work inside the switching enclosure heatrcaft photo. For further details, refer to our commercial unit coolers documentation. Possibility of providing a wide range of factory-fitted optional extras to help reduce installation time on site. XR – Commercial ceiling unit cooler.

Protection and control enclosure CMP Motor protection cabinet. The oversized condenser of the AS model enables installation in zones with high ambient temperatures. C2V 2-speed factory wired in the switching box.