One of the fundamentals of Reiki is to connect with one’s self spiritually, or to one’s soul. Dr. Usui taught his students Hatsurei Ho: Hatsu. Vajragoni: I’d like to conclude our Sessions with a closing comment on Dhyana Technique # 10, Hatsurei Ho. Essentially this technique. The first of these is a cleansing technique called Kenyoku Hô. Following that is Instead, an original version of Hatsurei Hô, written by a student of Usui called.

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When you breathe out, imagine the energy flow out from your core and through your hands. Reiki meditations and techniques are one of the five main elements of the system of Reiki. These are taught in traditional forms of the system of Reiki.

Repeat this process with your right arm, completing the cycle three times.

Reiki Meditations and Techniques | International House of Reiki

Included in the text are 2 different readings of the word seiza. Person November 21,2: On each out breath the hands sweep across the body, as if you are washing yourself clean.

I have found this video — the visuals may help us understanding it in a better way. Move your hands up above your head, aligned with your shoulders with your palms facing upwards and fingers pointing towards each other.


Hatsurei-ho is one of the early hatsursi.

With the palm flattened, move your right hand down along the side of your left arm while exhaling. In this process, the negative aura is brushed off either by an actual physical touch or just superficially.

Reiki Meditations and Techniques

When practiced in a group, it is called Shuyo ho. The Hatsurei method plays an important part in the Reiki practice. Thanks for filling in the blank for me! Concentrate on connection of your middle fingers and hold yourself in this position.

And as often happens when Reiki is involved …at stage four when I lifted my hands hatssurei my head it began to rain so not only was I sensing the Reiki flowing into me but I heard if affirmed outside…music from the Universe. Always love to learn about reiki!

Drop the shoulders and clasp the hands, joining the fingers lightly and feel the alignment of the posture. With your mind clear, now feel the Reiki energy or white aura flowing down from above through your arms and into your body.

Techniques of one kind or another have always been used in conjunction with the system of Reiki. Ania November 12, There are three major techniques taught in the first level of the system that lie at its foundation. Randall Hall December 18,6: Vladimir May 14, Click the image below to subscribe and download the PDF:.


The chanting of waka, poetry written by the Meiji Emperor, is not generally practised in the West. Thanks for the suggestion!

Patricia September 2,3: It is transformational and grounded. Disclaimer This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Slowly feel the energy spread in your entire body, dissolving all negativity and unlimitedly expanding around you.

Hatsurei Ho: Reiki Meditation Technique – Reiki Rays

With palm faced towards the body; while exhaling, smooth your hand down diagonally across your chest to your right hip. Hatsu meaning to bring forth, Rei meaning spirit and Ho meaning method. It is generally used before and after the practice of any energy work.

Once you sense the Reiki energy, slowly lower your hands. Hatsurei Ho consists of nine stages, each stage helps in clearing hatsuri opening the energy levels in the process. Some of these techniques made their way to America in the late s while others did not. Alix August 11,8: