Another GRAMPS database (having the grdb file extension), There is no risk of information loss when import or exporting to these formats. GRAMPS database. This command will attempt to export your database as a GEDCOM file: gramps — open=”My Family Tree” –output= GEDCOM Export Option. I would like to export my genealogy collection in a GEDCOM format. In this export, I do not want living individual’s.

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When I do a gedcom export I can filter on tags on persons. In reply to this post by Ron Johnson.

In reply to this post by Dave Scheipers. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

GEDCOM Export Option

It is extended from XML. I took a tar archive for safety but I never object to being reminded to do that! In other projects Wikimedia Exort. Error exporting your Family Tree Traceback most recent call last: Aside from handling the Exceptions, would it make sense to have expogt IDs of notes in plain text in the database, rather than inside the pickle? To be sure that this was the problem, I pasted the data from an earlier record into a little unpickle script grammps it worked fine, then the one I had identified got the same unpickling error that gramps itself got.


That enabled me to do a successful export, and the corresponding import of that file cleaned up outstanding references to 3 notes that had got corrupted in the database.

Gramps – Wikipedia

Free forum by Nabble. The underlying problem seems to be a truncated record in note. Dave Scheipers ; gramps-users.

For the relative grandfathersee Grandparent. Wikimedia Commons has dxport related to Gramps. I have a Gramps database in which I have recorded all my family and the family of my wife. Second Step import them into a new temporary family tree.

In reply to this post by Ron Johnson Hi Ron, I tag all my media, and I would like a filter in the export that only includes media with a certain tag.

Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

I know who the offending note relates to, but can’t find the note using the GUI. Saturday, December 2, 2: Gramps supports exporting data in the following formats: Gramps usually compresses Gramps XML files with gzip.

And then delete them. There was a problem that sounds similar see ckeckmediasourceref at line Mediarefs on source primary objects can contain sourcerefs, and these were not converted to citations. I went to “Notes” to delete it completely, but that also gave an error, presumably on reading the bad record, but I haven’t checked that: New place hierarchies model. Free and open-source software portal. That didn’t help – the text was still in the database, both cleanly and in the bad record.


GRAMPS – User – Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

Dave Scheipers ; gramps-users Subject: Thanks for the clarification. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to make the code resilient to the problem, and if possible log a warning about the problem see https: Then I opened the Family Tree and went to the Notes page, and looked at the last expport that was printed. If you are would like to fix your installation, you can download the fixed file from https: This article is about genealogy software.

Allen and Paul, Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I had already tried editing the note and deleting the text. In reply to this post by beagle In reply to this post by Jeff Silver.

In reply to this post by Dave Scheipers What criteria do you want in order to include or exclude the photos in your export? In reply to this post by Arie Pool Unfortunately there are no media filters that apply to exports.