Graham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of PovertyGraham Hancock, Lords of. ‘-.H cr) (,zlr{ A M F { B Z A H O dr E & r-{ rqFd}J{ t’.. 1 { E ;rE i 3i E uI o X ot > ‘ E E 9O 9 o?3 u 9= 5rr E:: E g h!E lB s- $ E!qici. Graham Hancock – Supernatural- Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind By Graham Hancock * * * * * Publisher: The Disinformation Company Number Of Pages: graham hancock – otisci bogova Documents.

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The second world ended when the terrestrial globe toppled from its axis and everything was covered with ice. And such images are replicated in many other archaic traditions. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to this desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind.

Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock – [PDF Document]

The boats were buried in the shadow of a gigantic mud-brick enclosure, thought to have been the mortuary temple of a Second Dynasty pharaoh named Khasekhemwy, who had ruled Egypt in the twenty-seventh century BC.

The moat was contained by an immense, rectangular enclosure wall, no less than 20 feet thick[ 19 ] made of very large blocks of red sandstone disposed obgova polygonal jigsaw-puzzle patterns.

Theoretically, therefore, the knowledge of what atom bombs do has become part of the permanent historical legacy of oyisci. And might they have been associated in some way with the legendary gods of the First Time, said to have brought to Egypt not only civilization and astronomy and architecture, and the knowledge of mathematics and writing, but a host of other useful skills and gifts, by far the most notable and the most significant of which had been the gift of agriculture?

According to their myths, as we saw in Chapter Twenty-four:.

The reader will recall the lemming behaviour which led to a dramatic change of scholarly opinion about the antiquity of the Sphinx and the Valley Temple due to the discovery of a few statues and a single cartouche which seemed to imply some sort of connection with Khafre.

The hypothesis proposes that this is what hancoxk enigmatic structures on the Giza plateau are all about:. If the circumstances were right it seems possible that the essence of the cult might survive, carried forward by a nucleus of determined men and women. It was at Heliopolis that the Pyramid Texts were collated, and it was the Heliopolitan priesthood — or rather the Heliopolitan cult — that had custody of the monuments of the Giza necropolis.

Under such circumstances, ten or twelve thousand years from now with otizci written records and film archives long since destroyed what testimony might our descendants still preserve concerning the events at the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of the Christian era? Curious indeed, and well worth investigating further; something Naville hoped to do the following season.

Seti and his young son, the future Ramesses II. What about the new understanding that is dawning concerning the geological antiquity of the Sphinx at Giza? Six lay to the east, six to the west, two to the south and three to the north. Strangely, however, in all the years of intensive excavations, archaeologists had not found a single example of a royal crown, or a small part of one, let alone a specimen of the convoluted ceremonial head- dresses associated with the gods of the First Time.


I had traveled a long road to get here, I realized — far longer than the mile freeway that had whisked us up into these austere badlands from Phoenix, the state capital. Is it possible that the constant references in archaic literatures to something like aviation could be valid historical testimony concerning the achievements of a forgotten and remote technological age?

Sitting across from us was our friend Ed Ponist, a medical-surgical nurse from Lansing, Michigan. They have to preserve their memories. This exercise was assisted by the absence of the original roof which made it easier to envisage the whole edifice in plan. One plausible explanation is that the structure must have been built by Seti, as Frankfort proposed. He uncovers clues that lead him to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to drink the powerful hallu cinogen Ayahuasca with shamans, whose paintings contain images of “supernatural beings” identical to the animal-human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves.

Paul Sifki was a small, wizened man, nut-brown in colour, dressed in jeans and a cambric shirt. The hypothesis resolves the anomaly of the missing years by supposing the star shafts to be merely the later work of the same long-lived cult that originally laid out the Giza ground-plan in 10, BC. And so it remained, out of sight and out of mind, until the beginning of the twentieth century, when the archaeologists Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray began excavations.

Lords of Poverty by Graham Hancock

Openers of the way, guardians of the spirits yancock the dead, I knew that they had played a central role in otieci mysteries of Osiris that had been enacted each year at Abydos-apparently throughout the span of Ancient Egyptian history. Then, under the direction of Professor Naville of the Egypt Exploration Fund, a long transverse chamber was cleared, at the end of which, to the north-east, was found a massive stone gateway made up of cyclopean blocks of granite and sandstone.

Last but by no means least, what burning motive impelled the pyramid builders to erect, with such care, the powerful and bogoova edifices on the Giza plateau?

Melza paused in her translation, then added on hanccok own account: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of Orisci. When human beings from around the globe, and from many different cultures, share a powerful and overwhelming intuition that a cataclysm is approaching, we are within our rights to ignore them.

The occasion of this was because he saw in his sleep that the whole earth was turned over, with the inhabitants of it lying upon their faces and the stars falling down and striking one another with a hahcock noise … And he awaked with great feare, and assembled the chief priests of all the provinces of Egypt … He related the whole matter to them and they took the altitude of the stars, and made their prognostication, and they foretold of a deluge.

It is the style of the building, the type of the masonry, the tooling of the stone, and not the name of a king, which date a building in Egypt. This could happen, however, only if its members like the Jews awaiting the Messiah were prepared to bide their time, for thousands and thousands of years, until they felt confident that the moment had come to declare themselves.

The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. Were the figures of Osiris and Quetzalcoatl survivors of this lost race — passing down not only advanced geographical knowledge, but a secret astronomical code veiled in myth that pointed to the devastation in the past, and warned of that which is to come?


At this stage in a continuing investigation, my instinct is that we may have put ourselves in danger by closing our ears for so long to the disturbing ancestral voices which reach us in the form of myths. In their season of digging they uncovered parts of a hall and passageway, lying in the desert about feet south-west of the Seti I Temple and built in the recognizable architectural style of the Nineteenth Dynasty.

A sudden strong gust of wind blew across the desert, scattering sheets of sand. The decoration was added by Seti I, who in that way laid claim to the building, but seeing how often a Pharaoh claimed the work of his predecessors by putting his name on it, this fact does not carry much weight.

There was a long moment of silence and the wind rocked the trailer, blowing hard and steady across the mesa as evening fell around us.

Graham Hancock Lords of Poverty

By Graham Hancock The Works of Men and Gods Among the numberless ruined temples of Ancient Egypt, there is one that is unique not only for its marvellous state of preservation, which rare indeed! In the Christian scheme of things too, the last days are understood to be upan us. Our children will be aware of this too, without experiencing it directly, and they will pass it on to their children. Whether we choose to benefit from that legacy or not is up to us. That shows how far apart we have drifted and how we feel towards each other now.

They had hoped to return in to continue the excavations, but there had been various hitches and, inthe dig was still being postponed. The flames of the Brahmastra-charged missiles mingled with each other and surrounded by fiery arrows they covered the earth, heaven and space between and increased the conflagration like the fire and the Sun at the end of the world … All beings who were scorched by the Brahmastras, and saw the terrible fire of their missiles, felt that it was the fire of Pralaya [the cataclysm] that burns down the world.

In these scenes Osiris wore a variety of different and elaborate crowns which I studied closely as I walked from relief to relief. I am also impressed by the enormous lengths they went to to provide us with convincing proof that theirs was a serious and scientifically advanced civilization.

They answered yes, and will destroy it.

Graham Hancock – Otisci – Google Drive

And when the voices of our distant ancestors, descending to us through myths and sacred architecture, speak to us of the physical obliteration of a great civilization in remote antiquity and tell us that our own civilization is in jeopardywe are entitled, if we wish, to stop our ears …. Meanwhile, I do not think the Egyptian scribe Manetho was being less than literal when he spoke of a harsh and deadly cosmic power at work in the universe:.

The first world was destroyed, as a punishment for human misdemeanours, by an all-consuming fire that came from above and below.