George Nicholas Papanicolaou was born in Kimi on the island of Euboea. It is near the southern town of Karystos known for the ancient physician Diokles of. Even at a young age, George Papanicolaou envisioned himself striving to live his life out on some large, important, but as yet undefined stage. After receiving his. Georgios Nikolaou Papanikolaou was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer George Papanikolaou In he moved to Miami, Florida, to develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute at the University of Miami, but.

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George Nicholas Papanicolaou

All Rights Reserved under United States and international copyright laws. Obstetric and Gynecologic Milestones. However, his desire to work in science soon took hold and he travelled to the University of Munich in Germany, receiving a PhD in zoology in The paper and the Pap test proved to be a fundamental milestone in the treatment of a deadly cancer in women. During these studies Papanicolaou noted cyclical changes in various vaginal discharges from test animals that Papanicolaou linked to the ovarian and uterine cycles.

Although his initial publication of the finding in went largely unnoticed, that year was filled with other happy events for Papanicolaou. In female guinea pigs, Papanicolaou had already noticed cell transformation and nkcholas to corroborate the phenomenon in human females.

George Nicholas Papanicolaou Greek-American Physician G eorge Nicholas Papanicolaou was the originator of the Pap test used in the diagnosis of cervical cancer. Retrieved 22 January — papaanicolaou Newspapers. Views Read Edit View history. He was thrilled when he was able to discern differences between the cytology of normal and malignant cervical cells upon a simple viewing of swabs smeared on microscopic slides.


By January research had begun but unfortunately he suffered a heart attack in February and died, three months after moving to Miami.

Georgios Papanikolaou

Fromhe began to focus on the cytopathology of the human reproductive system. He attended school in Athens from the age of 11, and in entered the University of Athens to study humanities and music. The idea was that the test should be repeated frequently. Moreover, such early diagnosis enabled physicians to treat patients while they were still in the earliest, and most treatable, stages of cancer.

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. This was the first screening test to diagnose cervical and uterine cancer. They landed at Ellis Island on October 19, with papaniccolaou enough money for their visas and speaking no English. Upon examination of a slide made from a smear of the patient’s vaginal fluid, Papanicolaou discovered that abnormal cancer cells could be plainly observed under a microscope.

Ultimately, the Pap smear became a routine, clinical diagnostic test. Here he married Andromache Mavroyeni ncholas went by the name Mary, the daughter of a high-ranking military officer.

George Papanicolaou, the father of modern cytology. George Nicholaus Papanicolaou [online] [Accessed February 19, ]. His studies on human beings, fromwas nihcolas to a large degree in collaboration with the gynaecologist Herbert Frederick Traut Science and Its Times: The book discusses the preparation of vaginal and cervical smears, physiologic cytologic changes during the menstrual cyclethe effects of various pathological conditions, and the changes seen in the presence of cancer of the cervix and of the endometrium of the uterus.


In female guinea pigs, Papanicolaou had already noticed cell transformation and wanted to corroborate the phenomenon in human females.

It happened that one of Papanicolaou’s human subjects was suffering from uterine cancer. After graduation, Papanicolaou worked in the military as an assistant surgeon for a short time, then returned to his hometown, Kimi. George Papanicolaou is remembered as one of the first great physicians to spearhead the campaign for early cancer gekrge.

Life of George N. The power of Papanicolaou screening for uterine cancer was remarkable. Papanicolaou, George Nicholas 13 May —19 Februaryanatomist, oncologist, and endocrinologist, was born in Coumi or KymeGreece, the son of Nicholas Papanicolaou, a physician, and Mary Critsutas. Papanicolaou and Herbert Traut: Papanicolaou’s early work studied the role of chromosomes in sex determination. Smear diagnosis of carcinoma of the cervix.

Printed from American National Biography. It is our ambition to present a complete survey of all medical phenomena named for a person, with a biography of that person.

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