Texts attributed to Garab Dorje (Prahevajra/Pramodavajra/Surativajra): The famous three lines spoken by Garab Dorje as his last testament to Mañjuśrīmitra. For it is the final testament of Garab Dorje, The essence of the wisdom mind of the three transmissions. It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) (Tibetan:དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་, Wylie: dga’ rab rdo rje) 9Skt . Prahevajra (Pramodavajra/Surativajra) was the semi-historical first human.

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The king was filled with faith in the Vajrayana and because of this many people took refuge in the Buddha-dharma. He hid the translated texts at Gegung in Chimphu. They found his seat but only an empty blanket occupying it.

The first vital point is: When his enemies set an ambush to kill him, exclaiming ” HUNG! Vimalamitra meditated on this for ten years before Jnanasutra achieved rainbow body and left him with his final legacy, a tiny jeweline casket containing the verses called “Four Dprje Methods” Zhakthab Zhi and through this he accomplished the heart of the matter. At this point Lawapa appeared in his body, and furious gagab the loss of his sole blanket cursed them as sheep and the Dakini and her retinue were all transformed into a flock of sheep who scattered at the master’s wrath.

So he went to Manjushri’s Wutaishan abode in Szeshuan in China proper and there he became a Bhiksu for thirty years and studied the tantras. Then because of their lack of faith in their Guru’s instruction, the black-devil naga called Damdzin, Mud-Holder, who lived in the lake, took the form of a black snake and bit Lang Pelgyi Senge in the small veins of his neck and graab him.


Born in Uddiyanathe birthplace gxrab Master Padmasambhava. Padmasambhava is also known to have received the transmission of the Dzogchen tantras directly from Garab Dorje’s wisdom form. Upon his DeathPrahevajra imparted his last testament to Manjushrimitra.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Three times he set the vessel upon the crown of her head, and Light then forje from it. Then in the north, on the precipice of Mount Suryaprakasha Very Sunny Mountainin a grass hut, he remained in contemplation until he reached the age of thirty-two.

Kambala is best known as Lawapa, The Blanket, and this is how he received the epithet.

Garab Dorje | Lotsawa House

After great hardship he arrived in Uddiyana and near the Dhanakosha Lake, in a sandalwood forest, he found Shri Singha living in a nine storied pagoda. The Tantric synthesis of rDzogs Chen in fourteenth century Tibet. Garab Dorje dga’ rab rdo rjeSkt. If you have not yet had that opportunity but are seriously interested in the teachings, you may purchase it odrje you seek to receive direct introduction as soon as the possibility arises. First Hungkara revealed a series of mandalas of the Buddha-deity Yangdak Thuk, Immaculate Mind, followed by a series of mandalas of the Buddha-deity Dutsi Men, Ambrosial Panacea, for long-life practice.

This was The Chapter on Direct Perception.

Legends of the Dzogchen Masters

This product is intended for those who have received direct introduction from a qualified master. The [nature of] awareness is free from existence, And various arisings of self-appearances are ceaseless. After receiving initiation and instruction he realized pure awareness. Kambala or Lawapa, “The Blanket” Kambala was a prince of Uddiyana who was ordained as a bhikshu and studied the scriptures. Jnanasutra obeyed Vajrasattva’s injunction only after his friend Vimalamitra had returned from Central Asia with glorious news of success.


He attained his parinirvana in a mass of light and then bestowed upon Manjushrimitra a tiny golden casket containing Dzogchen verses. The following texts are attributed to Garab Dorje:.

For the View which has the three vital garsb, Meditation, the union of wisdom and love, Is accompanied by the Action common to all the bodhisattvas. We would also appreciate your feedback on Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. He debated with five hundred scholars, none of whom could defeat him. The view is Longchen Rabjam: The next morning Vairotsana returned and Shri Singha promised him the Atiyoga doctrines.

Hitting the Essence in Three Words

The old monk inscribed a mandala and the nineteen Manjuvajra deities, amongst whom were the monk, his woman and their dog, appeared, shining radiantly. Namkhai Nyingpo meditated for one year harab the Garuda Grove at Golden Rock, before he saw the vision of the male and female Yangdak Herukas in union. Never let this instruction slip away from you. But Sri Singha procrastinated, thinking that first he should study the Chinese system.

Still Vairotsana was not satisfied but Shri Singha would give him no more. Surati Vajra, Prahevajra, Pramoda Vajra. Then Vairotsana found the Acharya Doorje Dorje in the cremation ground called Place of Smoke, Dhumasthira, and he received the entire sixty-four hundred thousand Dzogchen verses. The Bonpo have a different view of the entry of Dzogchen into the lineages of humanity.