WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? GAGAMBA, the cripple, sells sweepstakes tickets the whole day at the entrace to Camarin, the Ermita restaurant. He sees. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Francisco Sionil Jose as always will leave you with thought provoking questions about life and particularly about being. Buy a cheap copy of Gagamba the Spider Man book by F. Sionil José. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? GAGAMBA, the cripple, sells sweepstakes tickets the.

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The Spider Man there are 10 msn reading each of their stories prior to entering Camarin can just be so awfully tiring. Hindi natin alam kung bakit nangyayari ang mga trahedya, kalamidad, aksidente, o masasamang pangyayari at may nababalitaan tayong nakaligtas o nabuhay pa. A great earthquake struct and brought the building down on that gloomy Sunday afternoon. Gagamba and the people working behind the scenes such as the waiters and call girls, are juxtaposed with the wealthy and powerful Camarin customers: The idiot always spidrr to compare himself with the other men that Elisa has had so thus reminding her of her Camarin past meanwhile he declares her love for him.

Gagamba: The Spider Man

It connects, for me, because of the theme that — even with money — you can live and die without ever being quite sure what the purpose of it all is….

Sep 25, Apple rated it really liked it. The Senator saw Gagangba as the essence of the Filipino people malformed, yet capable of survival, of virile locomotion with which to purse the dream. The particularly like the waiter Pete Domingo whose wife is about to die of cancer and Joe Patalinhug who leaves his town in the Visayas because of politics only to let his pregnant wife beg in the streets of Manila for food.


It’s sad and funny at the same time. The book presents an interesting contrast between the powerful military officers, businessmen, politicians, and expats who came there to dine and the common folk who work or live in the shadow of the building.

Gagamba, the Spider Man

I’m glad that a friend of mine’s school library had a copy of Gagamba since I said I wanted to read more F. This book, just felt okay though. Don’t get me wrong though. Reading the book felt similar to the experience I had reading Thorton Wilder’s Pulitz I share my friend Ayban’s sentiments captured in his review of this book.

Dec 01, K. Buildings in Manila grow taller while Filipinos, well, Still, there was Gagamba selling sweepstakes tickets, his slider, a source of luck to others but a curse to himself.

The novel concludes with Gagamba pondering the reason behind the earthquake and the multiple gagqmba he is not convinced that it is a punishment for the sins of the privileged, as so many other sinners are still free to wreak their evil. There are still his skillful style in storytelling.

Gagamba: The Spider Man by F. Sionil José

But, Major Sol wants to be a guy beyond reproach since he has seen the destruction that drugs has done and wants to continue being a professional soldier. My only problem with the book is its multiple narratives.

Lists with This Book. Although Jim’s father loved his Filipino wife very much, he never sent money to the Philippines to support them. Read more information on Goodreads. How does one move a lethargic nation? They hated getting old as it means they could not get hard anymore. Jim was visiting the Philippines to find his half-sister and Filipino wife but with a pretext in a fact-finding mission for grad school.

The book reads like an anthology but well stitched together to tackle the grander themes of fate and the nation. It was really interesting going through the different characters, and I switched from pity, to horror, ghe disgust and slight admiration while I read, depending on the character being presented. We see how all become equal in the cross-hairs of Death. Not only graft and corruption were rampant during those times issues such as these were present even before Martial Law star from The Book Hooligan “There is something so equal and democratic about dying, certainly not living though all men may live in sin – the poor who seek salvation in prayer or in a sheaf of sweepstakes tickets are sometimes left with nothing but the benediction of a new day.


I am such a fan of Mr. There is nothing like Wilder’s thought provoking philosophical question here. The Yhe Man Author: In a way I was slightly offended by the negative portrayal of the many Filipino characters, after all gagabma of us do have some positive characteristics, however, This book offers many insights on what it is to be Filipino – that we have the capability to deal with the realities given to us, that family always comes first, that we always yearn for better things, that unfortunately corruption in the government has somehow become a fact of life.

We use cookies on this site to improve user experience. Elisa hated this line of questioning.

Unfortunately for her, she has not found a man who has satisfied her when the earthquake hit and killed Lina and Fred. I never read F. No wonder he’s a national artist.