Fascimile of Quesnay’s Tableau On the right side we see a copy of the Tableau Économique of François Quesnay, with its famous “zig-zag” (click for a bigger. François Quesnay’s achievement is one of the most remarkable in the history of economics. He published his first article on an economic problem in when. Quesnay identified three distinct classes: A view of Quesnay’s original Tableau Economique shows a zigzag flow.

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HET: Quesnay’s Tableau Economique – Overview

In a kingdom having many vineyards, forests, meadows, etc. Although Quesnay was wrong about the sterility of the manufacturing sector, he was right in ascribing France ‘s poverty to mercantilismwhich he called Colbertisme after Louis XV’s finance minister, Colbert.

The indirect part of the zig-zag represents the consumption needs of Laborers wages and the export needs of Merchants. We shall use the term ” foreign inputs ” to denote goods imported from abroad to be used as raw materials in the production of crafts. Instead, Quesnay constructed the table to fit his belief. In the following account, we trace the movement of grains and crafts.

This is only part of his wage paid in kind.

Retrieved from ” https: What we have in mind are things like Venetian glass, Flemish lace, Malian ivory, Sudanese gold, Peruvian silver, Tahitian pearls, etc. His first work appeared only as encyclopedia articles eeconomique and A good government, Quesnay argued, should follow a laissez-faire economiqhe so that the ordre naturel could emerge.

To avoid confusing things, we shall think of cash exclusively as gold and silver currency, and omit paper money — but nothing would really be lost by admitting it.

Its object was to exhibit by means of certain formulas the way in which the franois of agriculture, which is the only source of wealth, would in a state of perfect liberty be distributed among the several classes of the community namely, the productive classes of the proprietors and cultivators of land, and the unproductive class composed of manufacturers and merchantsand to represent by other formulas the modes of distribution which take place under systems of Governmental restraint and regulation, with the evil results arising to the whole society from different degrees of such violations of the natural order.


Some of their products they retain internally, the rest they supply to market. His argument was that artisans and manufacturers would come to France only francoia proportion to the size of the internal market for their goods. His Le Despotisme de la Chinewritten indescribes Chinese politics and society, and his own political support for constitutional Oriental despotism.

Schools of economic thought. This was perhaps francoois first work to attempt to ecnomique the workings of the economy in an analytical way, and as such can fdancois viewed as one of the first important contributions to economic thought. He claimed that the only “productive” person is the farmer, the only one that generated a net product. Note that that the numbers are not payments, but merely quantities reflecting the output flows. Eurasian Trade, Exoticism and the Ancien Regime.

Because of his admiration of ConfucianismQuesnay’s followers bestowed him with the title “Confucius of Europe. Tableau defined three classes: Thus of the livres of product this class expends livres, and its advances of livres are returned to it in money through the sales which it makes to the Proprietor and to the sterile class.

Before we begin, let us set aside some preliminary definitions and assumptions which we shall be francos in our reconstruction.

Tableau Economique – Francois Quesnay –

Reprint, edited by M. In his TableauQuesnay developed the notion of economic equilibrium, a concept frequently used as a point of departure for subsequent economic analyses. economiqie

Farmer uses cash received from landlord to buy qhesnay from Artisan. This ungrateful cultivation, which reveals the poverty and the ruin of the Nations where it prevails, has nothing to do with the order of the Table, which is arranged on the basis of half of the employment of a plow, where the annual advances can, in conjunction with the fund of original advances, produce one hundred per cent.

Quesnay’s original diagram depicts all the incremental steps of the multiplier-style zig-zag in loving detail. The expenses furnished by the annual advances of the productive class, which also are renewed each year, tablfau of which about a half is spent on food for the cattle and the other half in paying wages to the men engaged in the work of this class, add millions of expenditures which can, with the part of the other products which are added to them, furnish subsistence for another million heads of families.


For the sake of simplicity, we have two production processes— grain and crafts—and quesmay of them use previously accumulated stocks of grain as raw materials. LinguetReponse aux Docteurs modernes, as quoted in Higgs, To produce crafts, the Artisan needs i himself, ii qkesnay inputs and iii “grain” as direct raw material inputs.

Tableau économique

Artisan does not hire laborers, but he deals with foreign merchants who import foreign inputs and export grain abroad. Such is the distributive order of the consumption of the native products among the different classes of citizens, and such is the idea we should have of the practice and the extent of the foreign commerce of a flourishing agricultural Nation.

His tabelau between original advances and annual advances was imported by Adam Smith as “fixed” and “circulating” capital respectively. The value of these advances may be reduced, including the original expenses for plantings and other work done at the expense of the Proprietors, to 1,, livres.

François Quesnay

Inhe became royal surgeon, entering in the service of the Duke of Villeroy inand inwas awarded the rank of doctor of medicine. Also, it was the ancestor of the multisectoral input-output systems of Wassily Leontief. Retrieved from ” https: If, on the contrary, an increase of expenditure of the same extent occurred in the consumption or the exportation of raw materials, the reproduction of tabldau would rise from livres to livres, and so on.

Quesnay himself did not publish until the age of sixty. Influenced by Vincent de Gournay, an advocate of laissez-faireQuesnay wished to see many of the Medieval rules governing agricultural production lifted, permitting the economy to find its “natural state.

Let us now go through it in more detail, with a numerical example. We should note that our picture also permits us to regard each individual node as a particular stock of goods cash, grain, crafts, etc.

And they arise again with the net product.