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Benign prostatic hypertrophy results in obstruction of the urinary tract.

Solely to minimise adverse drug reactions C. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Incomplete reversal of pancuronium B.

If pentazocine is given to a morphine addict it may produce withdrawal symptoms. Complicated drug regimens C. The specific condition is associated with enlargement of the: Efferent tubules- rete testis- straight tubules d.

Trapezius is supplied by the spinal part of accessory nerve which lies in the posterior triangle of the neck. Important notification from NBE.

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Muscle fibers in the ligament of Trietz b. Generally, the most jcq indicator for paediatric dose calculations is: All of the following statements about diploic veins are true, except: Which of the following factors would not be expected to contribute to compliance with drug treatment in the elderly?


It is possible to refer to a medication using different names. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Which of the following mmcq is applicable when administering a drug to a paediatric client? Students living in china for Internship, even you pass 5th, 6th ,7th Level Hsk you have to attend Chinese courses without fail.

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You should really believe yourself that you can clear the exam with your hard work and some essential basics. Biceps femoris The pectineus is supplied by the femoral nerve and the accessory Obturator nerve L3. Protected from heat B. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is sold as a drug under various names such as alkali, baking soda, uracol, and sodium bicarbonate.

All of the following are branches of the external carotid artery except: Removal or addition of an active molecule group on a drug.

All of the following statements regarding fge deferns are true except: The type of joint between sacrum and the coccyx is a: No fade on train of four stimulation B. Structure that does not cross the midline is: There will be more bound form of the warfarin available, leading to a decreased bleeding tendency. Most important thing in my study plan was 3 times revision plan for each subject and I stick to it till the end and I managed to do it.

Exam I’m interested in: Involve the parents in the procedure B. Which of the following is not a type of phase I metabolism? All of the above A 25 year old overweight female was given fentanyl-pancuronium anesthesia for surgery.


In reference to the use of medicines in pregnancy, a category X drug is described as a medicine: Sai Pardhu Mfge Your Badge. Select the option logically and opt the one which is near to what you have studied related to that topic. An increase in gut peristalsis D. Drugs are often protein-bound in the bloodstream.

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Well they are definitely first seen in the endoderm. There fmbe a difference between where they are first seen and from where they are derived. Procedure given below was assumed for Andhra Pradesh Students.

Fmgd taking the drug with food B. Which of the following bones do not contribute to the formation of the nasal septum: Morphine and pentazocine both act upon similar receptors in the central nervous system and produce analgesia.

Which of the following is considered a proprietary name for this substance? Under what conditions is it most important to store sodium nitroprusside?

The greater splanchnic nerves pierce the diaphragm to reach the abdominal cavity.