ELATERIDAE DE ARGENTINA especies presentes en Argentina de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from Argentina) adaptado de. ELATERIDAE DE BRASIL especies presentes en Brasil de la familia Elateridae ( Elateridae species from Brasil) J.E. Barriga-Tuñón, nov ELATERIDAE DE MÉXICO especies presentes en México de la familia Elateridae (Elateridae species from México) según: P.J. Johnson, March.

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We have three questions about Campylomorphus homalisinus: At present, online databases provide either poor information or no records at all.

Koleopterologische Rundschau, 59, — Morphology and systematics Elateroidea, Bostrichiformia, Cucujiformia partim doi: Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie51 4— Species ranges and especially their dynamic are so important that the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN includes two criteria related to species biogeography in the process of assessing the threatened status of species: In the case of Mt.

In the higher peaks, rainfall level is even greater considering both the orographic-lift effect in rainy clouds formations and the effect of moisture addition to air famllia by daily heating, which is more frequent in the summer.

Click here to view. Article Tools Print this article. Western distribution area of Campylomorphus homalisinus.

Pyrophorus noctilucus – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Generalization in pollination systems, and why it matters. Aptopus agrestis Erichson, Aptopus angusticollis Schwarz, Aptopus golbachi Aranda, Aptopus luridus Aranda, Aptopus maculatus Aranda, Aptopus riojanus Aranda, Aptopus suniyana Aranda, Esthesopus hepaticus Erichson, Esthesopus humeralis Steinheil, Horistonotus bruchi Schwarz, Horistonotus canescens Steinheil, Horistonotus castaneus Steinheil, Horistonotus exoletus Erichson, Horistonotus farinosus Candeze, Horistonotus humeralis Candeze, Horistonotus latus Golbach, Horistonotus luteus Schwarz, Horistonotus nigricollis Schwarz, Fa,ilia piceus Schwarz, Horistonotus tumidicollis Schwarz, Our survey detected it on a flowered grassland of ha.


Contributions in Science, Numberpp. The collection took place in a montane grassland formation with a north-eastern exposure and average altitude of m [Fig. One new genus Roznerathous gen.

Elateridae – Wikispecies

Indeed, 4 specimens of the species were collected in the nearby Mt. Anoplischius bicarinatus Candeze, Anoplischius brevipes Schwarz, Anoplischius flavescens Schwarz, Anoplischius maculicollis Blanchard, Anoplischius mutabilis Schwarz, Anoplischius riparus Candeze, Crepidius castaneus Blanchard, Crepidius flabellifer Erichson, Dicrepidius ramicornis Palis, Dipropus fatuellus Cans.

Ecology In Italy and France, Campylomorphus homalisinus is orophilous, being present at altitudes between m and m CK-map database in Ruffo and Stoch Subscription Login to verify subscription.

We warmly elaferidae Dr. Biology, Phylogeny, and Classification of Famklia As highlighted by this sampling, by the other Elateridae recorded in the area and according to the literature Arnett et al. In addition, changes in species range expansion or contraction might reflect response capability to a changing environment, and thus survival possibility. It is really important to update the distribution of Campylomorphus homalisinus: Data collected on Mt.

Elateridae Czeck and Slovak Republics. The red star shows mt. IranDicronychus diluvii sp.

Princeton University Press; Druck und Verlag von Fr. Thus, the altitudinal range differs between the two parts of the species’ range. IranDicronychus gurjevae sp. Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales; MtDNA phylogeography and postglacial patterns of subdivision in the meadow grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus. SyriaAgriotes sakaryaensis sp. Despite little available information, our observations on the ecology of Campylomorphus homalisinus suggest that clearings and grasslands are inhabited by the species, without excluding the presence in forests.


In fact, pollination services are documented: The specimens have been identified by a specialist Dr. Contributo alla conoscenza dell’entomofauna del Piacentino specie raccolte nel decennio Entomologica. Due to unspecialized masticatory apparatus in comparison to others taxa like bees Coleoptera usually forage on disc and open flowers, where the resources are easily available Willmeralthough it is worth highlighting that they can cause damage to reproductive structures of flowers Leavitt and Robertson Other records are biogeographically unlikely, for example a record at Mt.

In Italy, Pedroni recorded a high proportion of Turanic species in the Northern Apennines Elaterid fauna and explained that as result of glaciers dynamics.


elaferidae Please review our privacy policy. Contributo alla conoscenza degli insetti coleotteri della Provincia di Brescia: The hypothesis of an expansion northwards of the occupancy area should not be rejected. Little is known about the ecology of the species. Anaspasis germaini Fleutiaux, Anaspasis parallela Solier, Anaspasis solieri Fleutiaux,