Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary is the fourth novel in The New York In this one they visit a preserve for dragons, wyrmroost, strange changes are. Brace yourself for a shocking secret. Two hidden artifacts have been found. Three more remain unrecovered. More preserves face destruction as the Society of. Editorial Reviews. Review. Brace yourself for a shocking secret. Two hidden Find out in Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

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I can’t wait to listen to volume 5. Will Sanctuaryy stay out of trouble? Or is it all about Seth? But whereas Seth is developing, Kendra seems kind of stuck in a rut – not to mention she refuses view spoiler [to give Seth a bit of leeway even when he proves himself worthy of it.

These sanctuaries were founded as a home for creatures too large and powerful to cohabit with the beings at the more traditional preserves. I bought 4 hoping it would be a keeper like the other three and I wasn’t disappointed.

Navarog | Fablehaven Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

More preserves face destruction as the Society of the Evening Sanctjary relentlessly pursues new talismans. They were founded somewhere between B.

Vanessa helped them, Maddox was actually a stingbulb, Thronis who sounded like an enemy was the one to save wanctuary, the Dragon King’s son was the one who rescued Kendra the most even if her mission’s goal went against his honor as a dragon, and Gavin was Navarog!!! As I predicted, and not only a traitor, but he’s also Naravog, the demon dragon prince.

We also learn more about the complexities of running different types of magical preserves an idea first introduced in book 1.

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Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

And I name him my hero of this series just because he ate Navarog! This book starts off at the end of the third book, where the society of the Evening Star make some dangerous moves. If she turns out to be bad, I think I’ll just curl up an die. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Quotes from Secrets of the Dr Oh, the dilemma of posting a fully-detailed review and fan girling over a book to make sure people know how awesome it is, or ignoring all that and starting the next book – pronto!

You need to read this series in order, because we learn more and more details that become more complex as the novels progress. As the creatures get bigger, the story gets darker and the stakes are raised higher and higher.

I highly recommend it to any fantasy lovers! Sign In Don’t have an account? He seems to finally be growing up a bit and considering the consequences of his actions.

He left the property that same day. Brandon has worked as a comedian, a filing clerk, a patio installer, a movie promoter, a copywriter, and briefly as a chicken stacker.

Mar 25, Rebecca rated it really liked it. In order to retrieve it, the Knights of the Dawn fablehavdn enter a death trap a dragon sanctuary called Wyrmroost.

I guessed the person in book 3 but was thrown off by the personality in book 4 so didn’t suspect! There are so many excellent discussion points here and in the previous books. Shadow Mountain Publish Date: Find out in Fablehaven: Nov 02, rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: We know very little of the antagonists that join the main group seeking the artifact, so I did not bond to quite a few of the characters in Fablehaven, as I didn’t know much about them.

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I almost didn’t want to finish this book, because I was afraid of who would end up betraying who next, and I almost couldn’t take it.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary | Fablehaven Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Little do they know the sphinx, Ruler of the Society of the evening star and their greatest enemy has her. The action was even more intense and scattered throughout the book on this one, which I feel was a great improvement over the previous books.

Mull has given each character their own quirks, strengths and voice. What I love about this series is how it builds a large plot through all 5 books. I know he’s just a young kid, but I have been very annoyed with him throughout the other books.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The characters in this series are great. Apr 18, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Grip of the Shadow I really like the Fablehaven series as a whole, and highly recommend them. Once she is freed they go and travel to the Dragon Sanctuary in fear that the society will find one of the last keys to unlock the demon prison.

Probably my sanctiary problem with all of the Fablehaven books so far has been Kendra’s brother, Seth.