The question was why wars continue long after rational calculation suggests they should end, and Iklé used a wide range of examples to explain why. Every War Must End by Fred Charles Ikle. New York, Columbia. University Press, -viii, x6o ppi, $ One of the most encouraging features of the present. Ikle examined the painful and often unsatisfactory process by which Since Every War Must End, it behooves the Administration and its.

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Return to Book Page. I have a friend who was on one of the aircraft carriers to which those helicopters flew.

Every War Must End

The image of a small helicopter air-lifting a few fortunate exit-seekers from a long line atop a building in Saigon is etched on my brain. The illusions of infallibility tend to detract from these Principles. The types of war have NOT changed — its the evolution of warfighting that creates illusions among the more powerful military powers that result in their failures to deliver. Lists with This Book. But here’s some helpful advice for Pentagon planners: Adam Elkus rated it really liked it Mar 31, For more background, check out http: Japanso we just let them fight it out or not, nuclear weapons and all?


BushGerge H. Today, the importance of killing is in decline.

Every War Must End

Wwar examples like Iraq and Afghanistan, wherein a power vacuum was created allowing many unique low-level conflicts to happen simultaneous, creating a space wherein distinguishing cause and effect of specific and potential engagements is a daunting challenge. There was a problem adding your email address. Podcast Books Authors Articles. My thanks to Josh for posting this pic.

Sean rated it really liked it Nov 28, It seems that in the heat of battle it’s difficult to make rational decisions so combat sometimes drags on much too long, to the advantage of no one.

Caution can either help avoid dangerous, precipitous, and costly moves, or it can make a bad situation worse. Consider the first law: My Grandfather was a Rat of Tobruk.

May 01, Dave Beeman rated it really liked it. Caution is a tactic, not a strategy. Once a war is started how do you end it?


And, particularly after the fall of France, there was certainly a high probability that the war would turn into an enduring stalemate across the English Channel — possibly with ongoing aerial bombardment of cities. Issues like blowback and unpredictable chaotic behavior are minimized.


The particulars in each case are different. The Seige summed up that whole bloody period — outclassed, outgunned, and no real chance of victory, but fighting on anyway.

This book explores the difficult and often painful process through which wars in the modern age have been brought to a close and what this process means for the future. Colton Long rated it it was ok Apr 15, Refresh and try again.

Consider the sorry mess that was World War I. Jim Powell rated it liked it Jul 13, One relates to proliferation prevention, the second focuses on the use of force on humanitarian grounds, and the third deals with the consequences of proliferation.

Snd, yes, I am very glad that nations sometimes enter the bloodiest of wars without a hint of an exit strategy.