They were channelled in the s, 60s and 70s by a woman called Eva Pierrakos, and are attributed to an entity known only as the Guide. With amazing clarity. Eva Pierrakos was an amazing woman with a single-focused commitment to bring the Pathwork Guide Lectures to the world. For over twenty years, every other. The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the deepest and most effective spiritual work I have found.

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What information do you get in a Michael reading? Surrender to God Within: For over twenty years, every other week, she would deliver these most profound lectures on the nature of reality and the human personality without a trace of ego aggrandizement. Thereafter she became a trance channel, one who mentally steps out of the way in piwrrakos to allow a higher consciousness to speak directly.

The Pathwork Lectures have been transformational in my life. Once again, thanks for this link.

In doing so, we become pathfinders. Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but now I feel blessed and empowered to continue my life work: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Everyone Is Welcomed Here. Are you working with the lectures on pierrakps own? A student of Wilhelm Reichhe developed bioenergetic analysisa form of mind-body psychotherapywith his then-colleague Alexander Lowen December 23, — October 28, Philosophy Personal Growth Category: Especially the encasement and masks mentioned by Gene Humphrey above.

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The Lectures

Here the ballet benefactor Rebekah Harkness set her up in a beautiful penthouse apartment on East 74th Street in New York City and became her patron. In fact, she wanted to be a dancer.

Institute of Core Energetics. It has to be confronted, brought to light, and transformed.

Apr 01, Pages. Commons Wikiquote Wikisource texts. Age 10 to Young Adulthood”. How can I speed up my evolution or skip levels in order to stop reincarnating?

The lectures cover the wide spectrum of our human journey, from our struggles with self-doubt, self-hatred and fear of inadequacy to the barriers we put up to relating with others, and ultimately with what we each know as God. The lectures teach that vital life energy, feelings and insight are often buried under misconceptions about the nature of reality. The effect of this loss of freedom are devastating-deep-seated unhappiness and a profound poverty of spirit.

The writing became more and more the manifestation of a particular guide. The Guide insists that the darkness within us cannot be glossed over, ignored, or suppressed. Surrounding Eva and John was a formidable group of pioneering individuals who dedicated themselves to expanding her work. Eva Pierrakos was an amazing woman with a single-focused commitment to bring the Pathwork Guide Lectures to the world.

piedrakos In her twenties, though, she suddenly discovered a gift for mediumship in the form of automatic writing. They were searchers who sensed an inner longing, and who had a feeling that another, more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist.


Our higher consciousness is the knowing pure light, love and life which is the reality of our beingsrecognized, abide in this truth then and only then we are free.

The Pathwork Teachings – Personality & Spirituality

Piertakos can I know sva soul age, level, type, etc? If reincarnation is real, how can the global population be growing? Learning to Love horizontal rule”. By making a commitment to use her gift only for helping people, she eventually succeeded in becoming a channel for a highly developed spiritual consciousness that offered, through her, astonishing insights into the human condition and the spiritual path. When such misconceptions are carried into adult life, particularly when they are unconscious, we surrender our physical, spiritual and emotional freedom to forces beyond our awareness.

If it helps to know, the link has now changed to: From that moment on piwrrakos devoted herself to the development of her spiritual abilities. They developed exercises which they believe open the energy flow in the body, freeing blocked impulses as well as the consciousness of repressed memories and feelings. Your articles and replies to comments give much insight and clarity….