ETOP-Environment threat and opportunity profile – It is a technique to structure the The strategic managers must keep focus on the following dimensions-. ETOP analysis (environmental threat and opportunity profile) is the Understanding of management strategy or organization policy and. Etop in strategic management pdfEtop in strategic management pdf Etop in strategic management pdf.

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Unlike the external environment of a business, the internal environment can be controlled. Impact studies should be conducted focusing on the various opportunities and threats and the critical issues selected. Efforts should be taken to make assessments more objective wherever possible.

However, they are facing tough competition in oil exploration and production from private players like Reliance, Essar, Adani, etc. Regards Vinay Kumar Sharma.

The preparation of ETOP involves dividing the environment into different sectors and then analyzing the impact of each sector on the organization.

Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile (ЕТОР)

You must be logged in to post a comment. This would enable managers to violate strategies when it is necessary. Business environment analysis is a regular business feature. Managing image of an organization is most important in the external environment.

Examples of external threats include new and existing regulations, new and existing competitors, new technologies that may make products or services obsolete, unstable political and legal systems in foreign markets and economic downturns. The midstream industry processes, stores, markets and transports commodities such as crude oil, strrategic gas, natural gas liquids liquefied natural gas such as ethane, propane and butane and Sulphur.

This example relates to a hypothetical company but the illustration is realistic based n the current Indian business environment. Leadership matters a lot in controlling the internal environment. The relevance, importance, manageability, variability and low cost of data are some of the important factors, Which must be kept in focus.


GE is cash rich company. Some of the impotent issues may be those related to market share, competitive pricing, customer preferences, technological changes, economic policies, competitive trends, etc. The Champa flower November 7, The field force analysis goes hand in glove with ETOP, as here also the contribution with regard to opportunities and threats posed by the environment is also a necessary part of study. Strategies are means of operationally signing a policy for goals and objective.

While it plans to set up thermal power plants in states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar which produce coal, this is indeed good news. There are number of uncertainties exist in a business situation and so a company can be greatly benefited buy devising proactive and flexible strategies in their plans, structures, strategy etc.

A summary ETOP may only show the major factors for the sake of simplicity. Some external elements can be manipulated by company marketing, while others require the organization to make adjustments. Importance of Maps November 25, Understanding of management strategy or organization policy and effectiveness is not as easy; it requires looking at how company is griped with challenges, looking at the threats and opportunities and finding solutions for facing it.

What is a business integration strategy? Use decision cycle for precision November 10, Log into your account. Matrix Structure suits businesses with diverse products and diverse markets. Though the market environment would still be favorable, much would depend on the extent to which the company is able to ensure the supply of raw materials and components, and have access to the latest technology and have the facilities to use it.


Once an organization gets into reputation problems, it goes on growing like weeds in a garden. Methods, Techniques and other Details. Customer preference for motorbike, which are fashionable, easy to ride and durable.

Industry growth rate is 10 to 12 percent per year, For motorbike growth rate is 40 percent, largely Unsaturated demand. Some opportunities can be foreseen, such as being able to expand a franchise into a new city. Sometimes very micro and neglected issues mar the strategy.

Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile (ЕТОР)

Data should be collected from good sources otherwise the entire process of environmental scanning may go waste. But contrast the implications of this ETOP for a new manufacturer who is planning to enter this industry.

As shown in the table motorbike manufacturing is an attractive proposition due to the many opportunities operating in the environment. Each of the major factors pertaining to a particular sector of environment may be divided into sub-sectors and their effects studied.

In a competitive business climate, many businesses actively work to create and communicate a positive image to their customers, shareholders, the financial community, and the general public. The optimum level of flexibility should be maintained. For company to function very well and to be productive to its maximum standard effective strategy should not be impeded.