Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 2, , Brigitte Bargetz and others published Equaliberty: political essays. It could be asserted that the spectre of Equaliberty (Égaliberté) has haunted Étienne Balibar’s work for decades. Political Essays, transl. Equaliberty: Political Essays by ÉtienneBalibar(trans. James Ingram).Durham, NC: Duke University Press, pp., £, ISBN.

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We will return to this problem, which becomes more illustrative with respect to the second juxtaposition. Studies on Politics and Philosophy before and after Marx.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Balibar is certain that a realpolitik actualisation of either A or B could never be achieved irrespective of its particular counterpart Balibar No keywords specified fix it.

More generally this relates to two very different paradigms — utilitarian individualism and the republican community of citizens, or, put differently, eqauliberty pragmatism and individualism of the Anglo-Saxon tradition and idealism or subjectivism of continental traditions Duke University Press Share with your friends.

If we think of Balibar’s engagement with the politics of Europe and the question of what it means to be European, then we immediately see the radicalism of such an argument, particularly in relation to attempts to legitimize European integration.

Equaliberty: Notes on the Thought of Étienne Balibar

Implicit here is a somewhat Schmittian insight. Constituted and constituent power thus also have a somewhat mediating function between man—citizen. Although it spans a twenty-year period, the essays are concentrated on the antinomies of citizenship. Sign in Create an account. What is Political Philosophy?


Balibar suggests we combine the ‘idea of this differential of insurrection and constitution with equalibefty representation of a community without unity, in a process of reproduction and transformation’ 9.

History of Western Philosophy. Sign in Create an account. Reflections on Transnational Citizenship. Specifically we could talk of the peculiarity of geopolitical hegemony, an individualistic frontier ideology, and that the principle sesays universal social rights has never been fully recognized in the United States Politics is constituted by an incessant encounter between its own egalitarian logic and a police logic perhaps especially revealed today in struggles over citizenship rights.

Human Rights and Political Participation in the 21st Century.

This entry has no external links. The confrontation of institutional logics, where law sanctions the universalizing force of obligation and social relations of forces including the moral and ideological, represents a permanent condition of politics Balibar notes that outcomes of political struggles are always somewhat in-between radically atomistic societies reminiscent of possessively individualist states of quasi- war and total, reinforced homogeneity Balibar As I already hinted, equaliberty is not genuinely an idea but rather a proposition causing implications to be constantly re-evaluated.

Hare – – Oxford University Press. Timothy Fuller – – Philosophy and Theology 4 3: Hence Balibar engages positively with arguments such as Wendy Brown’s that see current events driven by market deregulation as well as constant interventions by the state into civil society in order to create citizens who are grounded in a logic of economic calculation However, it should be noted that this is not to say that there are no practical consequences to be drawn from the radical chasm between both dimensions of universality, between the principle of popular sovereignty and an instituted constitutional order This is perhaps the ezsays most significant aspect of Balibar’s thinking polifical as it is able to provide an insight into contemporary forms of crisis that relates them right back to the problems of modernity, offering a significant alternative to traditional Marxist understandings without necessarily rejecting the significance of the economy.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. No keywords specified fix it. Essays in the Morality of Law and Politics. Balibar argues that the equation of freedom and equality is essential to the modern subjective remaking of right, but this cannot guarantee its institutional stability Philosophy and the Frontiers of the Political.

There is nothing natural in the relationship between politiczl and democracy, and yet democracy appears as the most natural form of citizenship. However, he is not convinced by the universal applicability of this argument, believing Brown’s theory of de-democratization to reflect the particularity of American society.

Etienne Balibar – – Iris. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Thus, what he calls for generally amounts to two essentials: We, the People of Europe?: Foucault shows how the modern state individualizes through disciplinary mechanisms and differentiated management of social practices.

Equality needs to agree with liberty at some point in time Balibar