Service manual for Epson Stylus Photo TX, TX, PX multifunction devices. Epson Stylus Photo TX Epson Stylus Pro and Pro Service Manual Epson Stylus Color PX TX TX Service Manual & Repair GuideEpson Stylus. [EPUB] Epson Stylus Photo Px Tx Tx Service Manual Repair Guide -. PDF Format. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

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Touch Panel Operation Check The carriage slowly moves to its original position, and home position is fixed. Overview Tweezers diagrams in the appendix. Clean the Printhead surface with a cotton swab. Reassemble the CR Guide Shaft.

Epson Stylus Photo TX650/TX659/PX650 Service manual

There is an error in the contents of data. Connector on the Main Board is disconnected Table Check tension of the timing belt. Press the OK button to clear the message. Peel off the acetate tape and remove the ferrite core. Head Alignment An adjustment to ensure the bi-directional print quality. Carefully handle the EJ Frame as the springs come off easily. Bend the metal wire as shown below. The carriage performs a load measurement while moving to the VH Check position, and records the detected voltage of the PW sensor at the specified three positions, then stops.

Re-set paper and press the Start button to feed paper correctly. Disassembling The Printer Mechanism Let the printed pattern dry for more than 5 minutes if using CIS sensor type scanner.


Seeking the home position Enter the last five digits of the scanner production control number label, put one space, and then enter the last five digits of the printer production control number label.

Upper block Lower block Figure Head angular adjustment This must be carried out after replacing the printhead in order to correct A head angular adjustment pattern is printed. Make sure of the following when attaching the Panel Sheet. Cr Motor Unit Move the Driven Pulley in the direction of the arrow, and remove the Timing Belt. No Apply grease at designated point No Check the carriage moving mechanism, replace the relevant parts or remove and reinstall them. The setting is applied until the printer power is turned off, and returns to the default Off at the next power-on.

Ink cartridge is damaged. Remove the torsion spring from the hooks of the Panel Unit and the Panel Lever. In such a case, the PF Scale may be damaged.

Check for the disconnected PF Motor connector. Carriage Slide not moving properly Check to see if sufficient grease is remaining on carriage slide parts at back of main frame.

In the Setup mode, the mode LED corresponds to the previous mode lights. These settings may not be available on some DSCs. An error has occurred in communication with the BT adapter. When removing the Waste Ink Pads, take extra care not to contaminate the surrounding objects with waste ink. EEPROM data copy When the main board needs to be replaced, use this to copy adjustment values stored on the old main board to the new board.

  LMD 2450W PDF

Data has been destroyed. Maximum number of images fpson a memory card stores 1, or more images, the first images are detected and become valid in the printer.

A sheet was loaded in a wrong orientation and caused a jam. Route through the ribs x4 of the Lower Housing. Panel Key Test Follow the instruction and press tz650 icons on the touch panel as instructed.

Memory Card Slots Artisan Printhead surface Check for dust and dirt on the Cleaner Blade.

Epson Stylus Photo PX TX TX Service Manual

There must be no error in handling of the Unit. Accepts the changed settings. Driven Pulley Assy Step 5.

Disconnect the following cables from the connector on the Main Board. Some DSCs may require to first connect to the printer for making the settings. However, depending on the DSC, some of the settings may not be available. When the paper type is changed, changed to Prem.

For Macintosh, the card in the active slot will be mounted on the desktop.