Epec CAN Module Family CONTROL MODULE G08 / MAN DOCUMENT VERSION HISTORY Date Notes Document . Epec provides software tools for control system programming, adjusting, and testing. From the systems engineering viewpoint, it is not enough to have sufficient. Open and compatible. Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopen®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both.

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The maximum frequencies given in the table below are such frequencies which make the module to freeze in practice if all inputs are connected to their maximum frequencies. An external fuse should be installed for the product or the system power supply. It means that to be able to reach the maximum epecc, there is no room for application program or any other processes like CAN traffic. Nothing prevents using these pins to measure currents from other sources as well.

No saving operations program flashing or parameter storing into permanent memory can be done under 11,5 VDC. The manufacturer does not guarantee that this product complies any other certification, epe or test than listed below.

Programming 20244 CoDeSys 2. This product complies with those certifications and standards that are listed below. Violating this rating may lead to incorrect measurement or counting Note 7: Test method ISOpulse 5?

Epec 3724 Control Unit

These parameters depend on software cycle time. Applies to inputs used for frequency measurement and pulse counting. In very carefully selected applications a pin of this type can also be used as an input by using the output state monitoring feature.


CANopen for all physical buses? Violating this rating may lead to system not recognizing all input state transitions Note 3: The manufacturer gives no other warranties whatsoever for the products than the warranty set out in this section and thus the warranty given in this section sets forth the warranty given by the manufacturer in its entirety. Closed loops wiring peec be achieved by connecting the GND wire from the sensor, actuator etc. This document contains necessary data concerning the module in question, which system designer needs in system development work.

Violating this rating may lead to application program not noticing all input state transitions Epec Oy reserves all spec for improvements without prior notice Epec Oy Matinkatu 6 FIN Sein? In high impedance voltage input configuration they have low threshold voltage which is quite sensitive to interference signals. All conditions must be respected.

Short-circuit protection for outputs?

EPEC controller Manual _Download Manual

The buyer shall attach to the claim a possible error report or equivalent explanation of the grounds for the claim. The second is one of the IX input bits for monitoring the actual state of the output or reading the pin as an input. The application program will see there a logical zero when the pin is grounded or left open and a logical one when the pin is connected to a positive voltage source.


All cables, connectors and tools must be of correct type and sufficiently high quality.

Box FIN Sein? Puncture hole fastening 7. Pulse counting, if needed, must be enabled explicitly by the application program.

This illustrates the normal way to connect loads when load current measurement is desired. The maximum rating is lowered in this case to 15 volts.

EPEC 数据手册新版_图文_百度文库

With input voltages below 4,3 V it seems like the internal input resistance was connected to a 1,3 V voltage source. Powder-painted, hexavalent chromium free passivation for aluminium? In PLCopen programming environment, there is a word variable in IW area associated with each pin from where the software can read the actual signal magnitude at the pin.

We believe that we know control systems for challenging conditions and we are able to offer a total solution from control units to project services and designing. Otherwise operation of other inputs may be interfered Note 3: All applied cables should be properly shielded, bundled and grounded?

Epec is a solution provider specialized in embedded control systems, vehicle computers and information logistics systems for mobile machines. A small and protective module casing keeps inside high performance microcontroller with lots of control capabilities. Pins of this kind can be used as e.

For more information refer to programming manuals. Pulse Input channels Channel 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pin X3.