He described the Ginkgo in his work “Amoenitatum Exoticarum” (Lemgo, ). It is assumed that Kaempfer saw a Ginkgo tree for the first time in his life in Nagasaki in February Later Kaempfer brought Ginkgo-seeds to Holland. KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, German physician and traveler to Russia, the Orient, and the Far East (b. Lemgo, Westphalia, 16 September ;. English: Engelbert Kaempfer (September 16, – November 2, ), a German naturalist and physician is known for his tour of Russia.

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Geschichte und Beschreibung von Japan. As early asthe Philosophical Transactions No. If you enter several tags, separate with commas.

GF Corporation Deutsch Contact. Gaur; VI, Russlandtagebuch ded. Terwiel; V, Notitiae Malabaricae ced.

From Shemakha in Shirvanhe made an expedition to the Baku peninsulabeing perhaps the first modern scientist to visit the ‘fields of eternal fire’ around Baku. Inhe married sixteen-year-old Maria Sophia Wilstach, but their marriage was not a happy one.

Engelbert Kaempfer

Die Geschichte der Engeoberted. The only shortcoming perhaps is that not all of the pictures are included. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat In he got his chance to go to Japan where he stayed in Nagasaki until All this is laid out in pages in quarto.

He was the best guide Kaempfer could have met, and he gave him precious advice; he even wrote for him a short text, De Persia Sloane Mss. Kaempfer Part 1 2.

Engelbert Kaempfer –

The diplomatic aim of the Swedish legation in Isfahan brought Kaempfer to the court, where he could observe Persian customs, manners, and rituals. After twelve years abroad, Kaempfer kaepfer to Europe inlanding at Amsterdam.


Among many other Japanese plants, it included an illustration of a camellia and introduced 23 varieties. The Dutch East India Company established a trading post on a man-made island not considered Japanese soil in the bay of Nagasaki. The Invention of Religion in Japan.

In Germany he published the book Amoenitatum exoticarum Lemgo He elicited much valuable information. During his nearly month stay in Isfahan March 29, November 20, he carried out a methodological survey of the town. He became the personal doctor of Earl Friedrich Adolf zur Lippe and opened up his own doctor’s office on Steinhof in Lippe.

Engelbert Kaempfer was born in Lemgo on September 16, as one of the sons of Johannes Kemper, a pastor, and his wife Christine Drepper.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Views Read Edit View history. The purpose of kaempfsr Swedish legation was to gain engelert access to the much-coveted Oriental goods and raw materials, thereby avoiding the added costs of the Dutch carrying trade and of the long sea routes off South Africa.

He then joined the Dutch East Indian Company and went via India to Batavia in Indonesia where he studied all available sources on Engelgert, which was then basically closed to the outside world. He then traveled to Poland and Prussia, where he pursued the life of a wandering student, moving from one university to another and focusing mainly on medicine and foreign languages.

His description of the Persian court and of Japan had a great impact on European discourse well into the 19th century. Today, Kaempfer’s collection and manuscripts can be found in the British Museum in London.


Engelbert Kaempfer

Privacy Kaepmfer Add Comment. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. He was one of the keenest observers of foreign cultures of his time.

engelebrt His appointment as court physician to Friedrich Adolf, however, gave him little time to write. Engelbert Kaempfer played a key role in introducing the soybean and soyfoods to sngelbert Western world. His desire for foreign travel led him to become secretary to the second embassy of the Swedish ambassador Ludvig Fabritiuswhom Charles XI sent through Russia to Persia in Using this site means you accept its terms of use.

He attended Latin schools in Lemgo, Hameln, the Gymnasia of Luneburg and Lubeck, and the Athenaeum of Danzig, and studied at universities in Thorn, Cracow, where he received a master’s degreeand Koenigsberg from to His History of Japanpublished posthumously inwas the chief source of Western knowledge about the country throughout the 18th and midth centuries when it was closed to foreigners.

Due to his training in many topics such as mathematics, astronomy, natural science and medicine, Kaempfer must be seen as the first person with a scientific approach to countries in Asia which are very different from Europe.