Endgame details the Debt Supercycle and the sovereign debt crisis, and shows that, while there are no good choices, the worst choice would be to ignore the. I have been thinking a lot about how the credit crisis evolved into the sovereign debt crisis, and how it all ends. What will a world look like as a. Endgame – The End Of The Debt Supercycle And How It Changes Everything by John Mauldin and Jonathan Tepper was published earlier this.

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This book does a fabulous job at ex I’ve supeercycle several of these financial doomsaying books now, and this is without a doubt the best.

Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changes Everything by Jonathan Tepper

The Fed pays all interest back to the US Treasury. I found his style refreshing – aspiring to editorial neutrality while being honest about his own personal biases.

Europe is stuck here, especially Southern Europe. Americans ssupercycle their personal leverage and suprrcycle more. But I guess that may not bother other readers Verdict: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The transition from the debt supercycle to the endgame is characterized, for the most part, by a transfer of debt, not an extinction of it, from the private sector to the public sector pp. Jul 15, Natali rated it really liked it.


It’s going to be sold at the commodity price.

To see the updated situation on Europe eg. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. If interest rates are higher than the growth rate there is no way to stabilize the debt owed. Author writes these concepts in clearly understood language without jargon.

Endgame: The End of the Debt SuperCycle and How It Changes Everything [Book]

Nonetheless, the data speaks for itself. The UK is making some of the right steps to control spending, but superycle the UK could be more draconian. I lived in Australia from so I zeroed in on chapter It will require extraordinary clarity and courage from leaders, courage that so far is largely completely lacking. The actual economic strategy of the United States if Military Keynesianism.

Although the Endgame of the title remains somewhat ambiguous, this reader at least comes to the conclusion that it will involve inflating away the debt. Could It Follow in Ireland’s Footsteps?

I would have liked a disclosure of what the general economic consensus is.

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John MauldinJonathan Tepper. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Mauldin and Tepper predict a period of severe deflation followed by inflation — i. Without the precarious and fickle confidence of bondholders, the ability to roll over large debt, especially short-term one, or borrow new debt at affordable rates, crumbles concomitantly with the liquidity of the financial markets and the economy pp.


The chapter on the US situation plays heavily on the likelihood that instead of a gradual worsening leading to an eventual plan to resolve the debt dbet, there will be a crisis situation, some kind of catastrophic situation that leaves no endgme to make a plan.

The authors go country by country and explain what is happening, what should have been learned from it, what is not being enxgame from it, and how it will play out painfully. I’d say they have dealt Australia a very bad hand indeed!

Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. A recommended read with shortcomings noted. Again, maybe it’s a typo that should say “both the economic”. President of Millennium Wave Investments, he is the father of seven children five adopted and lives in Dallas, Texas. Every congressman should read it. Unlike other financial and economic books that I’ve superccle, Endgame tackles the current problem in the world crisis.